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get classical art education in florence, italy

ever since i saw the classical art school one of my art teachers attended in Florence… I fell in love.. and sometimes, I think that instead of go the traditional, modern, American route of college and such, I’d like to stop everything and more to florence and just do art and never stop… and train and learn and draw and paint and.. oh man… sometimes.

Live in India for a while

I know, I know, it is a vast country… but where is there in this country that i could go that is anything like the country I am used to? probably nowhere. I almost went to Dharamsala this summer because friends of mine have family there that would take me in, but I had to cancel it due to some personal issues.

not feel any stress or attraction or fear or pain towards my ex

yeah. it’s been rough. I am getting closer toward this goal than I was a few months ago, but it is still hard. I’ll be seeing this ex (no.. not because i want to) in a few days for the first time since we broke up and …that’ll be interesting. I keep thinking about it. I just don’t know how I’ll react… really… how he’ll be? because yes, i wonder that, too. he was my first love. so i don’t know anything about getting over this.


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