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In 2013 -

1. I again passed a huge exam as part of my job requirement. (that’s number 3!)
2. I lived 12 months by myself before moving back close to my parents.
3. I switched jobs.
4. I traveled to San Diego and Mt. Washington NH.

stay positive (read all 10 entries…)
Looking back

In 2012 -

1. I again passed a huge exam as part of my job requirement.
2. I moved out of my parents’ house.
3. I ran the marathon again.
4. I traveled to Bar Harbor, Chicago and Washington DC.

feel the fear and do it anyway (read all 10 entries…)
Have you ever felt scared before something big?

And stayed up the night before, not wanting to go to bed, because tomorrow will be different? It happens to me a lot, before final exams, before traveling, before big events.

I hate beginnings, I’m always scared of them, while others are excited. I hate beginnings because I know it means that something else is ending. And beginnings are unknown, something new, something strange, something that I can’t really prepare for.

Sometimes even small changes can make us nervous. And while others might say, ‘don’t be nervous,’ I think it’s better to let it come, because we can’t fully get rid of it. Even for small things, we should think of ourselves as explorers, full of courage, daring to charge into the great unknown.

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