is done with grad school!

learn to use a sewing machine
sewing machine

My husband got me a sewing machine for Christmas. I was intimidated out of getting one for a long time, but I’m so glad I got over that! It is lightyears faster than hand sewing, and I’m so excited to make some new stuff! I’m almost done with my first project- an apron :)

learn how to make batik

I dyed some batik fabric in my tenth grade art class, but don’t remember the process at all. I want to figure it out again, dye some myself, and incorporate them into some textile art.

learn to swing dance
so fun

my husband and i took a class through UT informal classes ( if you live in austin) to learn to dance swing for our wedding. it paid off because we had a fun, cool dance to start off our marriage, and the exercise is SO FUN!

grad school
love it

i love being in school again. it always helps to make you feel like you’re making yourself better.

Finish my wedding thank you notes
so glad

man, i feel like a weight has been lifted. i’m so glad i finished these things.

go to weeki wachee, city of mermaids (read all 2 entries…)

I just went to Weeki Wachee 2 days ago while visiting my in-laws in Florida. They took me for my birthday and it was just wonderful. I had such a great time. I recommend it to anyone who’s into 50s, kitchy fun!

get a massage

the first massage i ever recieved was about six months ago, and it was practically a spiritual experience. i highly recommend it!

go to college

best four years of my life so far!

bungee jump

My best friend and I bungee jumped together and it was a blast. We had a great time!

Host a dinner party

Ted from “Queer Eye” released a cookbook called “The food you want to eat : 100 smart, simple recipes” that is awesome! My husband and I used it for a party last weekend and the recipies were easy with ingredients easily procured. We love to entertain and this book took away the hard part. I highly recommend it when cooking for a group.

be a vegetarian
I love it

I just don’t like meat, so it works pretty well for me…

become a vegan
my two month experiment

I’ve been a vegetarian for years, but I was only vegan for a couple months. If you can do it successfully, more power to you. My kidneys started to fail so I went back to just being meatless.

Vegans rock!

go to the albuquerque international balloon fiesta
here is the website!

go to weeki wachee, city of mermaids (read all 2 entries…)
here's a website on weeki wachee



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