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  1. 1. Treat myself better
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  2. 2. read, read and read some more
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  3. 3. be grateful for my blessings
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  4. 4. start a scholarship
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  5. 5. practice yoga
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  6. 6. enjoy my life more
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  7. 7. get a will
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  8. 8. get a financial planner and start investing
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  9. 9. lose 50 pounds
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  10. 10. get a masters degree
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  11. 11. become a great baker
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  12. 12. finish my scrapbooks
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  13. 13. remodel my bathroom
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  14. 14. get fit
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  15. 15. get up on time
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  16. 16. buy less stuff
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  17. 17. get organized
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  18. 18. write
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  19. 19. learn to sew
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  20. 20. take horseback riding lessons
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  21. 21. go to paris
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  22. 22. take care of the environment
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  23. 23. Do the steps in "your money or your life"
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  24. 24. Relax
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  25. 25. Get more sleep
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become a great baker

I want to bake a really great brownie. Actually, I want to bake several really great brownies. I want to become known as the brownie girl at family gatherings. My claim to fame. It’s a modest goal.

take care of the environment
Recycle plastic water bottles

Okay. I admit it. I don’t recycle much. I throw alot of stuff out. I watched Al Gore’s movie and it freaked me out but I’m really lazy. I drink at least 2 bottles of water every day at work and since there isn’t a recycling center at work, I throw those bottles out. My daughter will be living on top of those thrown out, unrecycled plastic bottles 20 years from now. I ought to just save them so she can use them for building materials since there won’t be any trees left. Not that it matters much because I live by the shoreline and there won’t be any land left after the glaciers melt and the sealevel rises.

So…okay… baby steps. I need to start recycling those water bottles. Or bringing a re-usable water bottle and just re-filling it.

start a scholarship

I have always believed that education is the key to the world. And for some reason, I just want to start a scholarship. I’ve been thinking about doing this for about two years now but couldn’t figure out what kind of scholarship to start or what my goal was. I figured it out a couple months ago. I have a special needs child and I thought it would be so cool to start a scholarship for graduating seniors who have special needs or are in special education. I’v been to those scholarship awards nights and the same kids keep getting honored over and over. I want to honor someone people don’t think about. Someone who has to work a little harder to get to the same place. This is my goal. Now, I have to stop thinking and start doing.

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