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I was wondering when this third step is gonna come! I’ve been drinking a glass of milk averyday for the past week or so (and I hate milk, so that shows my dedication…)
Also since I’ve not been on in a while, I see that Jeb has been kinda inactive… Well, when did he say he was coming back on?
Yeah I’m tired :P

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Wow this is gonna sound so weird for alot of you...

But does anyone remember there was a website posted MANY months ago (anywhere from 6-8) that was talking about a growth hormone release meditation track, where if you listened to it, it would tell your brain to release that hormone, and the person was saying we could use it to release it for our wings.
But it wasn’t that just that track. On the website it came from it had a BAJILLION tracks ranging from simple lucid dreaming to success at work…
I really loved it but forgot the link!!!!!

(Or if you don’t remember but you have a website like it then i would love that too!)

grow wings (read all 160 entries…)

Was crying a minute ago. In fact still crying, but I can’t tell if it’s happy or sad.
Lemme just say now I love my family. My real one more yah. Anything, but I love this family too.
I hate fighting. I hate sadness. I hate boredom. SOML.
I know this is completely irellavant to this goal. But I needed to be here. I would have gone insane.
And what ’s goin on with me, right now has nothing to do with you right now, but LBC. I ‘m pretty sure you’re the cause of all my problems. You want teens to stop fantasising and face reality? Well my reality sucks! That’s why I dream of wings, so that there is always that hope of getting away. And if that doesn’t compel you to leave us alone? Nothing will you heartless bastard.

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