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  1. 1. be in a werewolf pack
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  2. 2. p shift
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p shift (read all 2 entries…)

lol, take back what i last said, i have definatly NOT mastered m-shifting yet!! gonna try real hard tonight, wish me luck! cheer me on!

p shift (read all 2 entries…)
Im a beginner

hello, Im already a M shifter help me become a P shifter help D: e-mail me at doggiluva@hotmail.com :3 thanks for your time!!

be in a werewolf pack
i have a wolf in me!

hey all, im a 13 year old gal, and im 100% certan i have a wolf in me, phisical or spiritural, its dying to escape, and im gonna try hangging around with you werewolves to see if i can release it! i know it wants to come out and i wanna let it out, but i dont know howl (pun intended). Halp pleez D: prey i wont kill inoccent bystanders once i turn 14!!!!!!!


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