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draw more
I really should draw more...........

I used to draw a lot. In fact, I went to art college for a short while when I left school. But then life took over and I hardly drew anything for years. But last year I started to draw and paint again … for a while! Then I gave up again to do other things.
Yet when I draw I get a real sense of achievement and enjoyment. So why don’t I do it more often?..... rahter than spending so much time on the net? :)
Hmmm….... need to think on that one :)

get a college degree
I went back to school to get my degrees

I left school early and started my family early, so I never had time to get a degree and ended up doing boring, low-paid jobs. So I decided to go back to college. It wasn’t easy, as I still had to work part-time and find time for my children as well as do all the coursework, but I managed to graduate with a first class honours degree and then went on to get an MA.
It enabled me to teach at uni and I love it! Especially teaching adults who, themselves, have gone back to college to get their degree. So for me anyway, it was well worth it.

Learn yoga and meditation
I've learnt Yoga and Meditation

I learnt meditation 5 years ago. It helped me to cope with a really stressful time in my life. It was difficult at first to concentrate on ‘not thinking’ – if you know what I mean! But after a while it became relatively easy to ‘switch off’ and it did help.
I have trained in different forms of Yoga for a number of years – at first from books but, like others here, I didn’t know if I was getting it right. So I joined some classes, first in Hatha Yoga, then, when I wanted something a bit more ‘energetic’, I tried Ashtanga Yoga, which I really like. I’ve also tried to learn Vikram Yoga, but getting the room temperature warm enough here in the UK is not very easy! Yoga has helped me to remain supple and it does help you ‘switch off’ from all the stresses and strains of modern life. I have to admit though, I don’t do it as often as I used to – not much time at the moment.
Maybe I’ll start properly again soon …........

move away from here
I must get away soon!

I have lived in the UK most of my life and I liked it for years. Most of my family is here and I will miss them when I leave. But I’ve had enough. Everyone here is expected to work until they drop. The word “proactive” seems to appear everywhere used by men and women in classy suits trying to get you to sell something or apologise on their behalf. There are more rules being made every day and more ways the Government can spy on us every day.
So I’ve had enough!
We are moving very, very soon …........ fingers crossed!

go back to school
I went back to school

I went back to school when my children were small. It was very hard finding time to do all the homework, housework, part-time job,etc and make sure I had time for them. But it was worth it. I got 2 good degrees and now I can teach and it made me feel much more confident in myself too.
My children were actually proud of me too and that counts for a lot!

be more patient
If only ..........

If only I could be more patient I would suffer less stress and stop putting stress on those around me. But I hate waiting for anything! I have to find things to occupy myself while I am waiting for something – and then I still get impatient! I work quite quickly and expect others to do the same and when they don’t I am the one who get’s stressed!
Obviously I need to work on this one :)

learn to speak spanish fluently (read all 4 entries…)
Still trying to write Spanish!

Este es muy rapido porque vamos a Granada mañana.
Estamos en España una semana. Estamos comprado una casa en Andalucia, cerca a Granada, y necesitamos escribir todas los documentos.

Cuando estamos en Granada, esperamos ver todos las cosas en la ciudad y sacamos muy fotos. Espero que tenemos el tiempo para este.

Mi españa no es muy bien, pero la intento conseguir!

learn to speak spanish fluently (read all 4 entries…)
Estoy aprendiendo espanol .........pero mucho lento

Todas los dias ahora estoy aprediendo espanol, pero no es facil! Quizas en tiempo es facil, pero al momento estoy lo encontro facil! Tengo solo unas ocho semanas hasta que vamos a Espana. Necesito aprender mas rapido!
(y se que este no es corecto pero espanol esta muy neuvo a mi)

give up smoking
The trouble is ...........

The trouble is that I like smoking. I like a cigarette with a coffee and after a meal. I like having chats with other smokers when we meet outside to have a quick puff. I like being slim, and I know I would put on weight if I gave up. And my Husband smokes ….........
But I do want to give up – if only because it is now so expensive and I do worry about what it is doing to my health. But I’m not sure I’m really ready yet …....... soon though ..

Finish what I start
I must get the decorating done!

We are moving house very soon and we have to sell the one we are living in. But we need to decorate first. We have done a couple of rooms …....... but we just seem to find other things to do rather then do the other rooms. We really need to do this now! Procrastination is a way of life for me – but I really must get past it now.

Live in Spain (read all 2 entries…)
We are almost there!

Three weeks ago, we signed the initial contracts on a property in Andalucia. The legalities should be completed in the next few weeks and then we will have our house in Spain! It’s quite small and needs some work done on it before we move in (and we still have to sell our house in the UK…....), but we should be moved in before Christmas!
Now we have to sort out all our packing!
Oh yes, and keep on with the Spanish lessons….......
I’ve posted a picture of me looking at the lake near our new home.

learn to speak spanish fluently (read all 4 entries…)
I'm getting there with my Spanish

I have worked my way through two Beginner’s Spanish books, am doing an inter-active CD course and will soon be starting evening classes.
When we were in Spain recently, I managed to make myself understood in quite a few cases (but not in others when ‘Que?’ or ‘Como?’ was all I got in response!). So I have a long way to go, but I’m getting there.
It’s hard work though!

Get out more (read all 2 entries…)
Can't get out at the moment!

Sincwe we came back from our holidays I have a bad back and I can’t walk far (don’t know how I did it – although I did quite a lot of climbing….......), so I am stuck indoors.
But at least I have time to learn Spanish now!........... when I get off of this computer…............

be happy
Happiness is a nice, warm hug!

I am happy when my partner hugs me. I am happy when my children are happy and when all my family and friends are fit and well (and me of course!).
But when I am sad, I am scared that I will never be happy again and that worries me a lot (I am a dreadful pessimist!). Some days it is difficult to be happy when there is so much sadness and injustice in the World.
So it would be nice to have all the right reasons for being happy all the time …........ but I doubt that would ever be possible ….........

Learn to read tarot
I've learnt to read the Tarot Cards

I learnt a few years ago – using the Rider Waite pack. Once I learned the basics, I tried to read the cards intuitively – it worked! But sometimes I read things that people didn’t want to hear (not nasty things – just paths they would rather not take, things like that) and it wasn’t worth the hastle of reassuring them that the cards only act as a pointer.
I hardly ever read them nowadays, unless friends or family ask me to, and then I take a lot of persuading.
I enjoyed learning though.

get off my computer
I need to leave this keyboard right now!

Here I go again, posting on another site – it’s a good one though.
I really need to turn off the computer and get on with some work – right now!

write in my journal more often
I have several journals...........

I have a number of journals and blogs and write to at least one of them every day! It does help me get things off my chest and say all the things I want to say.
But it can become a bind…....
The problem is that I can get the entries mixed up or people wait for me to publish in a particular journal and I get stressed out thinking of something to say there …......
........ time to thin the numbers down I think!
But that would mean conquering my internet addiction ….....

work at remaining the cynic I have always been (read all 2 entries…)
I have achieved this and will continue to do so

As i wrote the previous entry about remaining a cynic, it is only right that I demonstrate to myself that it is truly possible to achieve this important goal.
And I continue to do this with pride!

work at remaining the cynic I have always been (read all 2 entries…)
I am a cynic

I am a cynic and I will always be a cynic. In fact remaining a cynic is one of my most important goals. We need cynics in this World – to help explain to everyone else how governments and industries and financiers are fobbing them off.
So this is one goal I will work very hard at …........ if the b…..s don’t get me first!

I love teaching!

I went to Art College when I left school, but I soon relaised that I wanted to learn more, so I got a couple of degrees and then I managed to get a job as a lecturer in the local university – I had to keep pinching myself to convince myself that this ‘lecturer’ was really me!
I love teaching – now I teach undergrads, grads and adult ‘returners’ and I love teaching the latter the best – they always want to learn and they really engage in the lessons and keep me on my toes! I’m so glad I decided to teach. It was the right thing to choose.

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