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be a healthier vegan (read all 7 entries…)
Still Going Strong

I’ve been doing well since my last post. No more slip ups, thank goodness, but I’m still on guard.
2 Gluten Free Vegan Donuts
Mayan Harvest Vegan Meal (it was yum with plaintains, polenta, sweet potatoes)
Gonna have my green smoothie with strawberries and pineapple later (i think, cause I’m kinda full).

be a healthier vegan (read all 7 entries…)
Busy Day

Lentil Chili Stew for Breakfast
Mallow oats cereal for lunch
16 oz Green Smoothie
May have rice cream and fruit later if I want a snack.

be a healthier vegan (read all 7 entries…)

Had more gruel today, it was even more delicious than yesterday. Made a huge green smoothie with crangrape juice, collards, spinach, banana, nutmeg, hemp, maca, and goji berries. It was actually good.
Started taking omega 3 pills (at least more regularly—trying to make habits you know). Think I might have my mallow oats cereal for a snack later, not sure though, or I may have a pear and peach with my rice cream.
Update: Change is Hard…er than I thought.
So I’m vegan for health reasons as well as compassion, but health first because I’ve recently had some really bad health challenges, which has caused me to reevaluate my diet and go from 0 to 100 (meat eater to non. cold turkey). I used to be vegan and/or strict Veg in college and for most of my 20s and then I reintroduced meat back into my life (strangely enough around the time I went corporate heavy). Anyway, so going back vegan, I expected it to be hard, but it’s been actually easy – too easy, I had missed this simple way of eating and the freshness of foods and the light feeling. So in the last few days I relaxed, a lot. So much so, that when I was asked to cook a carnivore meal for family and friends tonight I thought no problem, I felt bad handling the meat but I wouldnt be tempted, actually disgusted and I was when I was cooking, especially looking at the headless body that I was dressing and stuffing. So I thought I can be around this and also I had my gruel packed away for my own consumption. Anyway, I made it through cooking okay, and dinner even better, I even had a slight sneer on my lips for my sad carnivore eating buds. Then, (and here’s where I’m going with this) hours later, moments after everyone left and my fam was in bed it was time to put up leftovers…and I stared down into the pan and despite the warnings in my head: be healthy, you’re finally starting to feel a bit better, you’ve never even liked meat that much, your contributing to animal torture, and this is going to hurt your body and cause pain…I still ate a piece of chicken. A chicken’s thigh. So needless to say I’m feeling down on myself, I feel like I swallowed a rock, my stomach hurts and so does some other places I’d rather not discuss here, and also my former cocky feelings of—this is easy it’s like riding a bike and you dont forget how—are gone. Anyway, I just needed to come on here and confess or else I wouldnt have been able to come back and post here cause the guilt would have ate at me. I promise myself to be better, and more on guard, in the future.

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