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  1. 1. Worry less.
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  2. 2. heal old wounds
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  3. 3. see more live music
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  4. 4. go to bed earlier
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  5. 5. scuba dive more
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  6. 6. not settle for second best
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  7. 7. clean out the clutter
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  8. 8. send a postcard to postsecret
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  9. 9. move to NYC
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  10. 10. spend more time outdoors
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  11. 11. be happy on my own
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  12. 12. pay off my credit card
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  13. 13. live in Quebec
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  14. 14. travel the world
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  15. 15. Make the most of my 20's
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2010 - India

Still going!
In 2010 I made a big trip to India which pretty much wiped out my budget to travel anywhere else for the rest of the year (gutting) but it was so worth it. I got pretty sick towards the end of the trip but it didn’t ruin my trip at all… I carried on as normal and had the most amazing time.
I also managed to visit Paris.
For 2011 I have high hopes – looking into Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Vietnam with a trip to visit my friends in USA. fingers crossed!

travel on my own

I finally took the plunge – I fly and visit various countries I know on my own all the time so this one was totally out of my comfort zone. So I booked my trip and went around Central America! I ended up meeting a really cool group of people and some of them are still my friends now!
I would totally recommend it!
If going on your own completely is too scary then book with a tour company and become part of a group.
It was honestly the best thing I have ever done!

stick to a budget
Cash all the way!

I’ve finally gotten my budget sorted. I calculate my money every month – yes it stresses me out! So I’ve sorted my budget. I know all my outgoings and when they come out each month. All my bills except gas/electric are direct debits and I top up the others with an account key.
Everything else I have started paying cash for. It works. I am finally aware of how much I’m spending and also now where I’m spending it. I used to just fritter money away with the swipe of a card because it was so easy to do. I took some cash out one day and spent it without even thinking and then thought I’d lost some until I worked it all out. I’m now strictly sticking to my budget and saving for things I really want – a trip around the world and a house!

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