Meet Barack Obama
Time and Away

It’s funny that I picked this goal before he was President. Now it doesn’t seem so important… Don’t get me wrong, I think he’s doing a fine job, but it seems so much less attainable now. I think I shall remove it from my list. Good luck to you others though.

find a job i love

Okay folks, Here’s the deal… I found a job I love, working for a company I love… but the pay hardly makes the bills. Is it worth a lifetime of struggling to survive to spend time in a place I want to be?

Win a Friday Night Magic tournament

Dude, keep at it. I hope you are doing well. My family owned a card shop for many years. I operated a white/blue angel deck, slow and relaxed, it was awesome to destroy folks in the middle game… most didn’t expect it.
I was beat a lot, everyone is… but when I won, it was graceful and elegant… I loved it. Keep processing your deck, refining it, and assimilating new cards. I know you can meet this goal. – Good luck.

master my finances
mastering actually happening

I’m doing better. Living within my means, Debt is going down, and even with the addition of some medical stuff, its under control. I feel like this goal is within my reach.

Pick coffee beans in Guatemala

I spent a day picking in Costa Rica… not quite there, but really close to my goal.

roast my own coffee

I’ve started roasting. Just frypan and a camp stove, but it works. I totally burnt my first batch… by the fifth try I started to get the heat regulated. its some of the worst/best coffee I ever tasted as I work on the technique.

Go running everyday

I’ve decided to edit this goal. Running everyday doesn’t really work out. Its just to hectic with all the jobs. I’ve decided on a distance goal in the next year. I want to run a marathon.

Visit Oregon
I live in Oregon

It is very nice here… It is like Canada. I am writing this on Birch bark…and it is appearing here in text…funny, huh.

watch the Top 100 movies
imdb top 100 movies

58 and counting…I’m having trouble finding the foreign ones.

see the northern lights
Aurora Borealis

Amazingly beautiful, and well worth the effort to see them.Its like Indiana Jones is grasping the end of a bright green whip, and lashing it through the sky.



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