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  1. 1. Live in Africa
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  2. 2. sleep through the night!
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  3. 3. give someone a hug, right now :)
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  4. 4. exercise every day for 30 days
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How to get my bachelor's degree
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exercise every day for 30 days
The Cruise Cometh

Ok, self. Here it is.
30 days before the cruise (ok, really 25, but 30 is a nicer round number). EVERY DAY, girl.
That means morning workouts and evening planning sessions. That means not skipping the gym because you forgot to do some school work, or the paperwork at the office is getting to high on your desk.
You can do this, and have a fabulous ass to show for it. =)

have the courage to beak up with him
Truth is...

I was (kind of ) wrong about him. There’s more to him than I originally gave him credit for.
Things are moving forward (Verrrrrrrrryyyy Slllllooooooowwwllly) and I’m ok with that right now. I’ll want and need more eventually, but right now?
I’m just enjoying the good place we’re in.

sleep on the beach
Sun, surf and friends

Best way to wake up. :)

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