eat salmiakki

I cant die before eating salmiakki.
I’ve nver tasted it, but a friend of mine said its so great and since then I’ve got such an unexplainable craving for them

get hammered

Yep. I’ve never gotten real hammered, gotta do that some day, just to see what it feels like. should be fun

change someone's life

I want to change someones live for the better, and in a big way. I want to be recognized by someone as an integral individual.
I think that by doing this, it will give much more meaning to my life.
from now on I’d like to try to help out people as much as I can and be the nicest possible. And if I face a situation when I can really make the difference for someone that I care about, I’m gonna do it

be hot

I’m 17 right now and my dream has always been to go to a beach and be one of the hottest guys around. Having girls staring at me when I dont have a shirt on would feel just, amazing.
And I know I have a nice face so I guess I’m half way there. I’m not fat or anything, 1.75m and 64kg. Just gotta keep the hard work lifting weights at the gym and stuf, and it shouldn’t take more than 2 years to achieve the body I want. :)

hug someone tight and not want to let go

Well. I rly need to have enough intimacy with someone outside of my family to do that, and to me a true hug feels soo so great.
so i guess i’ll work on it

Passar no vestibular

tentarei este ano estatística na UFPR



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