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  1. 1. be anorexic
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  2. 2. grow my hair really long
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  3. 3. Not feel ugly
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  4. 4. learn chinese
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  5. 5. Get to Lev 50 On Everquest 2
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  6. 6. Become a Doctor
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  7. 7. write a book... a good book that people will want to read
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  8. 8. Set up my art studio and get busy making art
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  9. 9. learn japanese and go to japan
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  10. 10. take Network +
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  11. 11. be skinny
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  12. 12. look beautiful and feel beautiful everyday
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  13. 13. be a size 2
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  14. 14. get my GED
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get my GED

I am afraid of taking the GED test, i shouldnt have dropped out of high school.. I need help getting over my stupid anexity

grow my hair really long
Down to the middle of my back.

Yay! my hair is getting so long, i want it to reach to my bottom!

be anorexic

I am trying my best not to eat anything, and when i do i eat yogurt.. It really hard hiding it, whne i live with my husband… I just want to be beautiful and perfect… no matter how hard it is.. I want advice on staying away from food… not try the healthy way, because i have done it all! I have lost 50Ibs… but its still not enough..

Thats a pic of me at 150Ibs. ouch! i dont wanna look like that anymore!

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