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I'm doing 4 things
Recent entries
compile a list of 100 facts about myself
& this feeling is overwhelming `

1.I’m pretty sarcastic at times
2.I’m in love with tyler james hahn
3.rap music isn’t that great in my eyes..or
should I say ears..
4.I do try my best at everything I do but sometimes
im just not good enough. take math for instance .
5.I was a cheerleader all my life up until I was
in 7th grade [age 12] & I didnt make good enough grades to
stay on the squad .
6.I miss cheering , it was something I was really good at
& it was actually something that I was truely passionate about & looked forward to it =]
7.I can cook pretty good
8. I have 0CD
9.I’m pretty fickle f0r the most part .
10.I hate making big desicions.
11. I have an undying love for my friends & family
12. I hate dark drinks like coke or dr.pepper
13.I love coffee.
17. I’m impatient, yet expect everyone else
around me to wait for me
18. I have a feet-ph0bia but im gettin
better ab0ut it
19.I love a challenge.
20.I love dip-n-dots icecream ;
21.Country & Classic rock music are my favorite
22.I can be the biggest baby at times & cry over
the littlest things.
23.I’m stubborn, and sometimes only want things because
I can’t have them.
24.Im not a big fan of chocolate
25.My favorite food is chicken tenders w/ honey mustard
26.I love to travel & do things I’ve never done before.
27.Sometimes Im a little slow & most people have learned to
deal with me .
28.I can play about 4 songs on the pian0.
29.I try not to lie unless I feel its something
reasonable enough to lie about.
30.I was in dance for 3 or 4 years.
31. I performed on stage in front of God knows how
many people at the colliseum when i was like 5 or 6.
32.i have a natural tan
33. i get compliments on my smile , to my ‘pretty’ skin ; lol ive heard it all.
34.sometimes i think that i dont deserve everything & everyone in my life . i feel as if though they are way too good for me. truth is, they probably are.
35.i have naturally curly/wavy-ish hair & its a bitch to straighten sometimes
36.i l0ve icecream . preferably vanilla or butter pecan
37.i sometimes criticize things that i don’t understand
38.taking pictures & scrapbooking are fun for me, yet
it may take my whole life to compile a complete scrapbook
due to the fact that i procrastinate way too often. amused very easily & sometimes laugh for no reason at all. a list-addict . im constantly making somekind of list.
41.i miss maire, who has moved to japan. she could always
put a smile on my face.
42. fall/winter is my favorite season[s], yet it brings back
memories that are far beyond my reach to get back.
43. i hate feet. with a passion
44.i cant stand it when people touch my face. even me.
45. 45 is my favorite; lucky number.
46.i have been to the bahamas`& the US virgin islands.
47.people who act stupid/ditzy on purpose work my nerves.
48. im not a violent person. of my bestfriends died october 1,2004 in a head-on collision ; i think ab0ut him everyday . RIP ANDREW NATION.
youll always be in my heart.
50.when one thing goes wrong in my usually leads to other bad things. so things are happening all at once.
51.i can be quite the hyp0ch0ndriac at times
52.i have a fear of canniabls & the whole idea of cannibalism.
53.roadtrips are fun & helps clears your mind of your troubles.
54.everyone in my life has made somekind of good or bad impact on who i am today . t h a n k s.
55.i have brown eyes, nothing special but i get compliments on them quite often.
56.i have made many many mistakes in my life..some bigger than others..but at least i’ve LEARNED from them. so that means i have no TRUE regrets .
57.i have done some pretty stupid & extreme things in my life. i live for the experience, life means taking chances.
58.i’m usually up for anything .
59. getting hurt is my number one fear. & believe you me i have tons of reasoning behind it.
60. i usually speak my mind .
61. there is always something or someone im thinking about.
62. crying really does help me.
63.i’ve been depressed .
64.there are a few dents & holes in my life , but over all i am definately satisfied with it so far .
65. my boyfriend has captured my heart. he’s fun to hang out with and great to talk with. he’s been there for me [even when im drunk & stupid] . he’s the only boyfriend that i’ve honestly TRUSTED. he makes me laugh . hes honest & caring.hes a big sweetheart & doesnt let his pride get the best of him. he’s so different from any guy i’ve ever dated.i actually know he cares just by his actions he loves me & isnt afraid to show it . & that is why he has my heart .. he can have it for however long he feels the need to hang on to it.
66.i still get butterflies when i kiss him , the spark hasnt faded & he keeps me looking forward to another day.
67.there are so many things i wish i could do to help people in this world [for instance-poverty victims] but wouldnt know where to start.
68. i wish i could give my friends & family the world & everything they’ve ever wanted. they deserve it. they have
made my ride worth it.
69. my hero’s are my mum, step-dad, brother ,& mawmaw . they have done & been through so much & have tried to stay strong through it all. i admire everything about these four people. they have always been there for me & i think they hung the moon.
70.i hate it when people blame things on me when i didn’t do what they are blaming me for . if i did it, i would come forward & own up to it.
71.i own 4 dogs, a cat, & a bird. they are the sweetest creatures to walk this earth.
72.i failed 8th grade due to the fact that mum & step-dad split up & mum got back together with my [real] dad . but i dont blame that totally because im not gonna get anywhere by blaming someone else for something i did. but it did get me down & i couldnt concentrate.
73. i love dancing. & moving in general .
74.i think the days could be longer .
75.i dont believe in ghosts but to an a certain extent.
76.i hardly ever think before i act/talk & it sometimes
gets me in trouble but im working on it. probably one of the biggest m0vie/music buffs you’ll ever meet.
78.i love football & my soul belongs with the SAiNTS & LSU.
79.Jimmie Johnson is my favorite NASCAR driver; oh yeah..he is the champ =]
80.i like to mock people, in a good way.
81.i hate being criticized, because i try at everything i do & when im criticized i feel like im not good enough .
82. i will honestly say that im a hyp0cryt about some things.
83.i’ve been through a lot theref0re im very empathetic.
84. i can be hurt by the littlest action or word….even if someone is only joking.
85. i say “i was just joking” way too often & sometimes it just slips out.
86.i collect useless things & have become quite the hoarder.
87.i hate roaches. its my 2nd to worse fear. when i see one i go the opposite way. & shiver,scream,&/or cry.
88.i HATE..i repeat HATE getting tickled; it hurts & its NOT funny.
89.i hate it when people play with me about things that i take seriously or that im very sensitive about.
90.i can tolerate a bunch. but when it comes to that point i get angry & start getting an attitude, it’d be best to just say you are sorry and i’ll usually calm down .
91.i can never hold a grudge or stay mad at someone for very long.
92.its fun to have a variety of friends. attitude could definately use some adjusting.
94.saved by the bell,friends,desparate housewives,the 0C`& boston legal are my favorite shows of all time. isnt a good idea to harm or hurt my loved ones. you will definately regret it.
96.i miss my stepdad,step brother,& step sister verry much. it’s ashame that things happened the way they did.
97.i l0ve corny hum0r.
98. i have had one too many near death experiences.
99.i love cooking, although i hardly ever find the time
or will to do it .
100. i feel bad for yelling at people, crying in front of people, and being jealous. some things i cant control & they usually get the best of me.

identify 100 things that make me happy.
100 things that make me super happy
4.good hair days
5.chicken tenders w/ honey mustard kitty [tacoma]
7.big trucks [05 black toyota tacoma jacked up] music
9.barbequing w/ my family
10.cold weather sittin around a bonfire with your best friends
12.getting compliments
15.road trips
16.tyler james hahn[boyfriend]
17.mountain dew
18.losing weight
19.Faygo creme soda
20.the smell around thanksgiving
21.unexpected visits from friends/family
22.reminising [memories ]
24.classic rock music
25.taking picture
26.when people can be theirselves around anybody
29.spending time with family
30.when people remember my birthday
31.when I remember people’s family
32.when people smile at me for no reason
33.getting caught in the rain
34.singing in the shower
38.rice pudding
39.mixed drinks
40.being told i’m beautiful
41.when someone dedicates a sweet song to me
43.the number 45
44.annual SUPERB0WL parties
45.bud light
46.alcohol in general
47.feeling special
48.quitting a bad habbit
49.when my bird says my name home videos [on CMT]
52.looking into tyler’s eyes
53.when my hair smells good
56.C0WB0YS [definately my greatest weakness]
57.S0UTHERN ACCiENTS [definately turns me on]
58.good southern home cookin
59.bubble baths
60.kissing in the rain
61.natural beauty
64.the feeling i get after i’m done running/joggin
67.jimmi johnson number 48 babbyy
69.any man in a cowboy hat ; mmm heads
71.eating with my family at the dinner table
73.sweet little old ladies
74.clothes that make me look thinner than i am
75.when people laugh at my jokes & when im being sarcastic
76.someone making my day
77.the way he talks to me
78.the feeling of being wanted/needed
79.being in his arms
80.when my eye bags dont show [in person/in pics]
81.being random
82.austrailian accents games [crash bandicoot & frogger ] cellular ! lovely ring of friends
86.sittin in the food court of edgewater mall w/ my ring of friends; laughin & eatin = priceless
87.being in love & recieving gifts
89.when he plays with my hair
90.occasional times when i think i’m prettier than someone else.
91.gettin good grades [..i stay off of groundation =] ]
92.vinilla milkshakes with whipped-cream
94.being with tyler
95.heart-to-heart talks with family or friends [—i always feel even closer to that person after the talk ]
98.when pictures turn out really good
99.waking up in the middle of the night & realizing i have a few more hours to sleep =]
100.taking walks

as you can see; pretty much anything can make me happy.
it’s the simple pleasures in life that we tend to
look past; but i try my best take in everything that
comes my way ..& learn how to appriciate it in everyway =]

identify 100 things that annoy me
100 things that annoy me ;

1] two faced people
2] people who constantly whine
3] when someone has the same favorite song as me
4] people who don’t respond to e.mails
5] people who brag about things
6] your momma jokes
7] porn & anything that has to do with it ; just the idea of it is just all together rediculous
8] when someone elaborates on one subject for the longest amount of time .
9] being rushed
10] being br0ke
11] being jobless
12] not being able to see passed my hand without contacts/glasses
13] clingly people
14] hypocryts
15] white people acting black “wiggers; white choc0late; ect”
16] people who repeat themselves constantly
17] the whole image of “EM0” people .
18] people who take what i say the wrong way
19] judging someone before actually getting to kn0w them
20] paris hilton
21] spray on tans
22] when someone starts to say something & says nevermind
23] when my dog chews & breaks my glasses
24] people skinnier than me saying to me that they need to l0se weight
25] insecurity
26] cheaters
27] stealers
28] liars
30] animal abusers
31] vegitarians
32] people who’s lives revolves around drugs
33] parodys
34] mathematics
35] extremely hot weather
36] scratched cd’s
37] when i lose something
38] body odor
39] feeling or being pressured
40] people who look down on other people
41] politics
42] tax
43] gas prices
44] conditioner that smells bad
45] open doors
46] bad hair days
47] the fact that im majorly`0CD
48] when dogs beg for food
49] people who constantly ask for some when you have a good snack or drink .
50] getting tapped on the shoulder
51] people who dont have commen`sence
52] not having anything to wear
53] when you get a tan & your makeup dont match your face anymore
54] when my dog nudges me with him nose so that HE can get comfortable
55] when the animals use the bathroom in the house
56] PMS
57] when my mum’s pms’in
58] chuck taylor shoes
59] corny movies that are pointless like ANCH0RMAN
60] deprived people
61] nursery rhymes
62] off-brand foods/drinks
63] when people get louder & louder as they speak
64] quiet people
65] when people stare at you
66] the feeling that someone is watching you
67] the fact that i’m addicted to myspace
68] when people reach over & try to take my food
69] when people step on the back of my shoe or flip flop
70] porta-pottys
71] dirty houses
72] stains [on clothes; carpet; pillows; ect]
73] people who stink up the bathroom
74] when people leave their cups & popcorn & stuff behind at the movies – its tacky
75] change
76] bluffers
78] vending machines that are out of order
79] when i see someone i know at the mall;restraunt;ect & they don’t say hey
80] gossip
81] d r a m a
82] bad breath
83] manga,anime & stupid asian cartoons
84] bad pictures of me
85] when someone tries to force their religion on people
86] people who act dumb on purpose
87] ungrateful people
88] driving in the rain
89] driving without music on
90] when someone takes me for granted
91] when someone tries to take advantage of me
92] leading on
93] people grabbing me
94] people who go back on their word
95] flakey people
96] cold food
97] squeaky things [chairs;beds;dog toys; ect]
98] electro-screamo music
99] rap music
100] people who make fun of other people for something they can’t help


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