be a better daughter

To listen to ma folks, stop getting so stressed with them, be more greatful towards them and take their advice!!

be in a band

To become either a singer, or pianist in a band- once i get some confidence of corse!!

stop trying to impress people I don't even like

I should b happy with who i am, i dont have to prove myself to anyone, no one needs to!!!!

lose weight / get in shape
Get in shape

Doesnt evry1 have parts of their bodies they dont like?? i jus wanna get into shape loose a bit of weight n be happy with myself. Im going to try and go to the gym three times a week so by the time i get back to school i feel like a better person!

Tell people what i fink
my opinion

I fink i should tell people what i fink bout them, not b shy n keep things in but to express my feelings towards them so im not tellin a lie!

become more confident

to try n be myself, be happy with who i am, and ppl like me for me!

like my body
to like my body

To be more confident with myself to know that ppl like me for who i am n wat i look like, if they dont like me then wats up with them?

Find the "love of my life" - someone with whom I can share real love, friendship and passion for the rest of my life.
love of my life

my luv life has had its ups n downs now im single my aim is to find the love of my life!

become a singer
i wanna become a singer!

well i love to sing, it mean alot to me!! i take lessons once a week! my parents r 100% supportive but wish i took my voice further! I would but im not confident enough, i hate to sing infront of loads of people on my own, im not so bad in groups. The only people i can properly sing infront of are my closest friends, family and my singing teacher! im in the same situation when i have to speak on my own infront of loads of people, my voice goes wobbly, i freeze n go shy!! But i rele wanna become a famous singer! How can i become more confident with singing infront of people??



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