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nouvelle jen

today was a good day

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go to a live event every month (read all 11 entries…)
February event

Got tickets to “Spamalot” at the 5th Ave: Friday Feb 7th! Taking my dearest friend as a birthday outing!

Send more hand written letters and cards (read all 22 entries…)
"thank you"

Sent a pretty wood-block print of orioles “thank you” card to my fabulous cousin and his sweetheart: they gave us a great enameled cast-iron casserole which will be great for cooking!!

make my home beautiful (read all 43 entries…)
took down all the Christmas lights today

Got a nice, new clear plastic storage container for them. Wound and secured each strand. Put the extension cords and power strip and lights all in the same box to be organized for next year. Pulled some weeds in the front garden, cleaned the dead geraniums out of the terra-cotta planter, started another Goodwill box!

kitchen makeover (read all 15 entries…)
submitted the withdrawal

to the trust. The funds should arrive in about 7-10 business days. Paco noticed several important things while we were looking over the designs: our current counter on the east side of the kitchen is 19” deep while the plans show 25”. Definitely going with 19” or less so need to re-do that with the Lowe’s guy. Also the cabinet over the fridge should be the same depth as the rest of the cabinets on that wall. There’s a 15” cabinet between the stove and the fridge that I want to have as butcher-block instead of stone I think. Paco and I talked about light fixtures a bit. He hated the one lamp design I showed him from a photo I’d saved but loved the funky candelabra. Go figure! Progress!

hot yoga practice (read all 10 entries…)
week 1

Went Monday and Friday. There was a 10am class on New Year’s Day but we actually stayed up late and slept in! (A big change from the usual in-bed-by-9:30-up-at-5am routine!) Going to hot yoga on New Year’s day would have been a nice accomplishment, symbolic and so-on. But I did make 2x this past week so I’m good with that. I’ve been able to do all 26 postures 2x through without having to rest and take a break for a long time now. Being able to do 2x of warrior2 was a big deal :) I’m still working on balance and stillness (first part of the posture) in standing head to knee. I can do standing bow pulling fairly well and even sometimes look like a capital “T” in balancing stick, for about 3 seconds :)

make my home beautiful (read all 43 entries…)
another box to Goodwill

and some good books to the “free library” by the Edmonds ferry!

make my home beautiful (read all 43 entries…)
new bedding

I’ve mended the duvet cover several times and decided it’s time for new bedding. Found a pattern I liked at Pottery Barn, go figure. I called the two Pottery Barn locations near us but neither one had the King size duvet. So ordered it online. Might arrive by New Year’s :) photo from Pottery Barn’s website

kitchen makeover (read all 15 entries…)
have the design and quote

Spent 90 minutes with the kitchen design guy. He made some suggestions about the kitchen layout which were very sensible. Picked out the cabinet/door style and finish. Going with stone countertops. Getting a microwave/hood for the stove! The overall cost is about 50% more than I expected. Some things (stone countertops) were more expensive than I thought and other things (new stove) were less expensive. Still looking for the molded tin tiles I want for a backsplash.

focus on the essential; allow everything else to drop away
from "Less is More" by Leo Babauta

Yesterday took a large bag of things to Goodwill. It was very easy to identify “stuff” to let go of: a wedding gift (13 years old now!) never used. I mentally gave thanks to the gift-giver for the present, thanked them for attending our wedding and for their friendship and wished them blessings in their life. Then it felt completely OK to let go of the “thing”. Interesting to note the complicated feelings that led to me keeping that thing around for so long. Also gave away: baby curtains from Max’s room, turquoise glass vase never used, teapot never used, nice winter coat that’s just not my style etc. This is my new goal for de-cluttering, letting things go, simplifying, identifying what’s important.

give to a project on every month (read all 45 entries…)

The company where I work is matching all employee donations to up to $100,000 for December! I thought this project was cool and this one
and this one

practice positive self-talk (read all 7 entries…)
more than positive self-talk

I want to focus on being fully awake in the moment. Seeing, hearing, touching, smelling and feeling what’s going on. Notice when I’m avoiding discomfort, look again at what’s going on and where I want to go and making my own choice instead of re-acting. Need a new goal for this. I am getting one of these “mindful” life organizer’s when they’re available. Maybe there will be a quote or phrase in there that captures this for me.

if a goal isn't serving me I'm free to change it (read all 4 entries…)
want to add two goals

one for hot yoga and one for getting rid of “stuff”. I want to go to hot yoga 2x or 3x a week. And do 5 days in-a-row once every few months. I want to accelerate the de-cluttering. Get rid of stuff. Let go of possessions that no longer serve a purpose, let go of things I have weird, unproductive attachments to and re-claim the energy that goes towards maintaining the “stuff”. Looking for ways to phrase these goals so I’ll be energized when I see them in my goals list :)

intuition 2013 (read all 6 entries…)
finished for this year

Not sure yet whether or what type of coaching I’ll pursue for 2014. For the next couple of months (rest of December, January) I’m using what I’ve learned on the goals I’m currently working on. Then assess where I am in relation to where I want to be next.

kitchen makeover (read all 15 entries…)
appointment made!

Friday December 27th, 11:30 am. Bring room measurements. Measure floor-to-ceiling in several places. Bring ideas/pictures of what I like. On windows + door measurements include trim if there is any. Appliances: gas or electric. Cook top or conventional stove. Single or double sink. Microwave? Hood? Refridgerator: side-by-side or freezer top/bottom?

Send more hand written letters and cards (read all 22 entries…)
Christmas cards!

Sent three so far, each one had a drawing on the envelope and nice hand-lettered addresses.

go to a live event every month (read all 11 entries…)
Greenlake luminaria walk

We walked around Greenlake last night for the Luminaria 2013 event! It did not rain (as predicted) and it was not as cold as 2012’s event (so we heard) and was very well attended. Many walkers wore holiday themed attire: we saw santa hats, antlers (on both humans and dogs), Christmas pajamas, red + white striped stockings, and LOTS of folks bedecked with strands of Christmas lights (battery powered I’m assuming)! At three points along the 3 mile path (Bathhouse Theater, old hydroplane stadium, community center + pool) there were refreshment stands and music/performances. It was a lovely walk! Afterwards we went to Molly Moon’s for ice-cream (my best friend’s suggestion)! (photo by Carl Bergquist here

kitchen makeover (read all 15 entries…)
plans, measurements, ideas

have measured the kitchen, noted windows and doors. Measured floor to ceiling. Went to Ikea and looked at various kitchen configurations. Have saved internet photos of kitchens I love. Next steps: contact the guy who built our fence and ask if he does other types of woodworking or could recommend someone. Make an appointment at Lowe’s with the kitchen design guy. (more photos of this kitchen

private goal 1 (read all 2 entries…)
complete a ritual of sorts

it’s been on my mind for almost a year. I know the place to do this. Need to choose a meaningful date: January 6th could be good.

learn more American Sign Language (read all 29 entries…)
new words

quiche (egg + pie), Christmas tree, fire, grocery store, carousel, remote.

5 day hot yoga challenge (read all 6 entries…)
did it!

went to the 9:30am class today and did well :) My busy mind tried a bunch of tangents before class: you ate too much breakfast, you didn’t eat enough breakfast, you’re too tired, you haven’t had enough water today, are you really strong enough to make it through a whole class? etc etc I showed up to class, remembered to breathe in and out and did fairly well at staying in the room mentally. The studio building is pretty large and it turns out there’s a kitchen that the studio owner rents to a guy who has his own catering business. This chef slightly overcooked a pan of chocolate croissants (!) so the chef left the croissants out on the desk for the students, how cool is that? I made it through 5 days in a row of hot yoga and got a treat :)

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