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run a half marathon
something i never thought i would do!

The first time I trained for a 5k… I got 2nd place in my age group (it was a REALLY small town race). The second time, I had to start all over because I didnt keep up with my running. Well, I decided after this one to start run-walking, and prepare for a half marathon! It was SO much work… we ran 3 or 4 days a week for 5 months. The actual race, I completed in just under 3 hours. I wasn’t fast, but I did get my medal in a timed race! I was so proud of myself, and I ran 11th mile in the memory of loved ones I lost that year.. I was at the hardest point in the race, but crying as I thought of how meaningful it was to be doing it for them! I’m so proud of myself for conquering this challenge. I did a fun race, with a flat route…both of those factors helped!

Do the Couch to 5k running plan
Just finished Week 3!!!

Actually, my non-pod gave up on me halfway through, so i just ran longer intervals instead.. which makes me feel a little better prepared for week 4. i have my first 5k coming up during week 5 (I plan to stay at a steady jog for as long as possible)... my real 5k should be in september. and after that, it looks like on to freeway to 10k!! And after that, the half marathon… YAY! :)

live life as it is given...one day at a time

i am finally working on this, thank GOD!! it took so long for my happiness to become my own priority. mostly because it had to get really serious before i paid it much attention. i’m taking the steps i need to take in order to ensure that things get better for me.. and i am finally learning to love and appreciate myself the way i truly should. i feel like i got this for a while, but once life got busy again, i went to the backburner. i’m discovering now, however, that if i’m not there for me, the rest of this life thing won’t work. so, its taking a lot of praying and ‘one day at a time’ steps.. but they are finally heading in the right direction!

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