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  1. 1. Swim with stingrays
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  2. 2. Get my RN
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  3. 3. cruise across the Atlantic on a cunard ship
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  4. 4. Visit stonehenge
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visit stonehenge

I want to visit England and make a special trip to Stonehenge. I’ve already visited the Mayan ruins and the Giza pyramids. Stonehenge fits in with these huge structures.

cruise across the Atlantic on a cunard ship
Like the Titanic should have done

I want to cruise across the Atlantic from London to New York in April 2012 like the Titanic should have done. I hope to sail on A Cunard luxury liner just for the experience.

Get my RN
One step at a time

I’ve completed the LPN program at a local college and will be taking my State board exam on February 18, 2008. I’ve applied for the RM program, but have not heard if I have been accepted as yet. If so, I will start in August 2008 and graduate in May of 2009.

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