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I'm doing 33 things

sweetxdreams's Life List

  1. 1. love myself
    4 entries . 5 cheers
    5,147 people
  2. 2. Lose 20 pounds
    33 entries . 5 cheers
    7,455 people
  3. 3. be beautiful
    5 entries . 3 cheers
    1,095 people
  4. 4. donate hair to Locks of Love
    4 cheers
    847 people
  5. 5. get to know my brother better
    1 entry . 3 cheers
    31 people
  6. 6. lose weight
    17 entries
    42,100 people
  7. 7. get tested for STDs
    2 entries . 4 cheers
    6 people
  8. 8. discover my inner French girl
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    7 people
  9. 9. be rich
    2 entries
    3,218 people
  10. 10. find a fairy
    26 people
  11. 11. watch A Clockwork Orange
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    63 people
  12. 12. Be absurdly classy.
    2 entries
    137 people
  13. 13. live in egypt
    2 cheers
    22 people
  14. 14. be published
    1 entry . 4 cheers
    413 people
  15. 15. get in shape
    12 entries
    10,376 people
  16. 16. Be a size 9
    1 entry
    14 people
  17. 17. write a book
    1 cheer
    31,381 people
  18. 18. reach my ideal weight
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    176 people
  19. 19. destroy religion
    1 entry
    29 people
  20. 20. Have lips like Morphine
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    1 person
  21. 21. Visit the Galapagos Islands
    2 cheers
    272 people
  22. 22. Do sit-ups everyday
    2 entries . 1 cheer
    79 people
  23. 23. kill emo
    1 entry
    2 people
  24. 24. Do 100 good deeds
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    5 people
  25. 25. look important
    2 entries
    2 people
  26. 26. Find someone else who has a sick fascination with "A Clockwork Orange"
    1 entry
    4 people
  27. 27. read 52 books in 52 weeks
    166 people
  28. 28. Make a list of resolutions for 2007 and actually do them before 2008
    1 person
  29. 29. have a house with hidden rooms and trap doors, and some kind of secret tunnel
    3 cheers
    496 people
  30. 30. be in Maxim magazine
    2 cheers
    41 people
  31. 31. Visit Boston
    188 people
  32. 32. have more friends
    2 entries . 1 cheer
    881 people
  33. 33. act my age
    1 entry . 1 cheer
    52 people
Recent entries
Lose 20 pounds (read all 33 entries…)
I think I may be preaching of what NOT to do.

I just came back to this site, looking over what I’ve written and whatnot. For a year, this place was pretty much left and forgotten on my part. Anyway, so I was reading… And I saw at different points in my life… There was like 185 as a middle-schooler, then during highschool—(I’m about 5’6)- 170s, I still remember 163 feeling like an accomplished day, being jaw-dropped amazed at 155. And I revised this goal at 158 so that by the time I was done, I would be good and right and happy by 138. Since that happened, weight fluctuated. Gains and whatnot.

Skipping quite a few details, this last december, I DID hit that 138 mark day. But I believe I had lost a good deal of muscle mass then. And I believe I hadn’t eaten for a few days. I was pretty smug-feeling for a while… I had started out healthy enough. Then things got fuzzy. Then it was just cutting calories down. Then more cutting. Then more. Until it was… just maybe a small snack and dinner. Or just some dinner. Or nothing. For a couple days. Or else, eating… and then seeing it again in the bathroom right after.

Headaches set it. Fuzzy thoughts. Seeing spots in my eyes. You know that feeling when you stand up too fast? I’d have that quite a bit, no matter if I was standing or sitting. Having to walk down the school halls, leaning on a wall. I was a straight A-student, but then this happened. Senior year. It was all I could focus on. For the first semeister of the year, I didn’t think I would be able to graduate—my grades had dropped so much. At times, it would get hard to breath. Brushing teeth or brushing hair was a get effort that I felt exhausted after.

Then, somehow, during the first part of ‘08-May, weight fluctated quite a grand deal. Mostly gains. Most of it was gains. a few loses, but overall—it all came back. And THEN some.

Anyways, its not that bad though. I’m not that bad now. It still gets bad and tough, but it’s not like how it was. I remember telling my boyfriend about it (we had started dating about a year ago) in the spring. He’ll cry sometimes, when I confess I’ve done it again. He’ll get mad and sad and frustrated and threaten to leave. He saw me ‘purge’ once. Most disappointing, humilating, shaming moment in my life.

I always thought “those girls” were so shallow, vain, and stupid for messing themselves up like that. I never wanted to be like one. And then I was one. I hated the people that would obsess over their weight. Now I am one.

But, it’s healthier now—for the most part. Eating fruits and veggies, trying to not eat beef and pork, and getting daily activity.

Though my self-esteem is damaged. Weight is always in my mind, but I’m trying to have it not be. Sometimes I’ll just have days of heavy depression because I feel like my body isn’t good enough. And there are “relapses”—of which also cause me to feel depressed.

And now… Now I mostly waver between 144-148 (though I only weigh myself a few times a month—if that).

My point is… well, you get the point without me stating it bluntly, right?

lose weight (read all 17 entries…)
2 steps forward, 10 steps back

=hopes that the right number of steps that one song goes by=

Since my entry about gaining 10 pounds over a weekend, I got down to about 7 pounds lost (in like… 1 week and a half).

For the past…so and so days… I’ve gotten, mostly, an hour of cardio a day. Ellipticalling. In 2 days, I ellipticaled a total of 22 miles. Crazy, eh? Biking on the hilly country-side on a shotty bike. Walking the dog and moving furniture around and spending time outside. Calve muscles are coming along nicely as are upper-ab muscles.

Then here this day comes.

Like… 2,655 calories taken in. I wasn’t going to add up everything I ate, but I forced myself to so I couldn’t say “Well, it wasn’t that bad.” Because I see it was. It was like a binge. The day began promising. I think I ate that 2,000 calories in 1-1 1/2 hours. AND there was about 8 grams of TRANS fat taken in! (I read that taking in more than 2.5 a day is quite unhealthy). For the record, the 8 grams were taken in by me eating TWO egg-cheese-crossiant sandwich things (4 grams in each)(Like a McMuffin that’s not from McDonalds).

I know that it was just a moment of weakness. I know. I know I had every chance to put the food down. But that little devil of gluttony said, “Oh, c’mon. You know it will taste good. C’mon… You just got layed off from work. It’s that time of the month. You haven’t had a good last few days. There’s every excuse.”

Yes, I got layed off from work—but it didn’t depress me. Actually, I was happy about it. I didn’t like it, really. I think I was just stressed about finding a new job in the middle of summer. Not SO stressed that I needed food, though. And it IS that time of the month… BUT I didn’t even really CRAVE that stuff.
It was just sitting there. I was just standing there. We had a secret affair. (Hey! That rhymes!).

It got me mad and sad and everything inbetween at myself.

Gluttony. Stupid gluttony.

AT LEAST it isn’t 3,500 calories though, right?! At LEAST I realized that there wasn’t an excuse for the pig-out-fest though, RIGHT?! I can only hope…

(Sorry for the length and if it seems like I’ve been whining lately and… not providing for inspiration like I had been back in the day…I just had to get it off my chest to SOMEONE)

get my hair back to it's natural color (read all 3 entries…)
8 months

I dyed it some days ago. Before that, hadn’t dyed it since mid-October. I couldn’t help it.
I don’t really like my natural hair color.
I LOVE change. The “same ol’ thing” bores me.
Plus… this new color works nicely with my summer tan. makes me look…tanner. Like it highlights the mid-summer tan. yeah.

I tried. 8 months was a pretty good run.

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