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stop letting fear hold me back

I think I’m getting better at this. Whenever I hesitate and say I don’t want to do something, I take a step back and think about if I don’t want to do it or if I’m just scared (or don’t want to take one of the steps to get there). For instance, I hate calling people I don’t know well, but that shouldn’t stop me from calling to buy tickets or schedule something I really want to do.

I also applied for an NSF fellowship this year, even though I’m scared of the critique I might get. Finishing and submitting that was one of the best feelings ever. I felt like I could tackle anything. Which is when I came back to 43things.

Complete a triathalon
My first Tri

I completed my first triathalon today. I am a competitive swimmer, so I had no problems with that part. I just bought a new road bike this week, and used it, and combine that with my lack of biking experience, and that leg was definately rough. But the whole experience was worth it. Now I need to nap though.

Have my wisdom teeth taken out

They’re out and I’m hungry. Too bad I CAN’T EAT ANYTHING!


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