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study abroad
i want to study abroad !

any help ? i really wanted to study abroad because i’m sick and tired doing all things similarly everyday, i want to have a new life and i want to be an independent girl, i love to write poetries, i want to be apart from my family even just for a year. i’m not really an outdoor girl, bcoz my parents don’t allow us to hang out with our friends. i don’t know why, i’m already 18 and i haven’t done anything really exciting about my life. and i wanna change it ! i want to travel the world, i want to meet new friends, i want these things badly but i don’t know how to start. i haven’t got money to do these stuffs. i just got my ambition to be a successful girl someday.

spend less time online
spend less time online

i wanted to do this badly, but still i can’t. if i can do it, i think any one can do it, and if they can do it ! i can also do it ! right ? yeah !!


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