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get out of the army
my ultimate opinion on the army

I served 3 years and what will be 22 weeks in the US Army as a 74D Chemical Operations Specialist. I have a 119 GT score and a 107 on the DLAB, though I knew nothing about the army and chose Chem Ops because it sounded interesting. I spent 14 months in Iraq and was demoted twice for being present while a soldier was willingly taped up for fun, and allegedly sleeping on a mission even though I had a full conversation with the sergeant that wrote me up. 14 + 45 days of extra duty in Iraq and demoted from Specialist to PFC, then again from PFC to PVT. All because my leadership didn’t like me and felt the original 14 day, company grade article 15 wasn’t enough.
Unfortunately for them, demoting me prevented me from stupidly reenlisting, and now my company is undermanned and I am getting out. The army, like anything, has its ups and downs. I’m sure there are really tight knit units out there where leaders take care of their soldiers and things go right. There are also units like mine, that are racist, prejudice and could care less about you when you need help. I am so glad to get out, I think my last day I might shed a tear. From where I’m sitting, FTA.


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