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  1. 1. lose weight
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  2. 2. quit smoking
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  3. 3. watch the olympics live
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  4. 4. be an extra in a film
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  5. 5. learn Swahili
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  6. 6. be part of a reality tv show
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watch the Olympics live

sometime ago, i saw a couple of bikers from the SEA games pass me by on the road. so one of my life goals now is to watch an olympic event i actually like, live. Say volleyball or badminton, maybe bowling (is it still an olympic event). any event i am remotely interested in.

lose weight

I am on the brink of breaking 200 pounds. i have enrolled at a gym which i don’t go to. i eat less (and then more hehehe). my last chance to lose weight is the upcoming 2007 elections. hahaha… i peaked at 150 last elections. maybe i can do it again :D


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