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creating memories

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take more photographs (read all 2 entries…)
Take a picture, it'll last longer...

I’ve got a pro flickr account and I’m not afraid to use it. - But I probably do need a refresher’s course on old-school photography. Thankfully I still have my old but nicely functioning Nikon 35mm camera. I would really like to do some non-digital black-and-white pics, mostly portraits. And then transfer that knowledge and training over to my digital camera (which I need to upgrade to a nicer SLR).

Determine one thing I can do this summer that would seriously change my life, and accomplish it before Labor Day (read all 2 entries…)

I’m a little late in updating this goal… After a big debate with myself about which life-altering goal to set/accomplish before Labor Day, I was offered the opportunity to help launch a unique website with a couple of friends. It is still a work in progress, but I definitely think this project fits in well with this goal. It is something that is definitely leading me into unexplored territory.

ride my bike more (read all 2 entries…)
Cyclists are cool

I am so happy to have had this goal on my list. Being on a bike once more gave me the sense that I was out in nature and within myself, all at the same time. Bicycling is such a meditative sport. I get the same high as runners do, I think. I pushed myself to go further, hit steep hills, and venture out at times that I normally just wanted to just sit it out. I’m gonna miss this when summer ends.

Determine one thing I can do this summer that would seriously change my life, and accomplish it before Labor Day (read all 2 entries…)
Good grief this is a tough one!

I’m having a bloody difficult time figuring this one out. Every week I seem to have changed this summer’s goal…

Conquer circular sudoku
One heck of a circle

So, I’ve conquered my first circular sudoku. It took all of ten minutes. Woo hoo! Ahhh, just a few more of circular sudoku puzzles at “bewildering” level to go.

Go someplace very, very dark and look at the stars all night
Purple mountains majesty...

Saw the night skies during a hiking/camping trip in the Rockies. A starry night goes well with the sounds of waves; go beachside or riverside where there are no streetlamps.

Train my cat to walk on a leash.
Have cat will travel

It’s best to start young. Do it in a quiet, calm place. Reward cooperation. Give ‘em a break.

Improve my French
C'est dur ça!

Y a deux choses qui peuvent m’aider c’est de lire et d’écrire régulièrement. Maintenant je lis un petit peu d’actualités en ligne presque tous les jours. Faire part dans les groupes de causerie serait mieux.

Become more physically active (read all 3 entries…)
Bringing in the pros...

I set a goal of three weeks to get going on my physical training, but I’m skipping ahead and hiring a trainer. I’ve been hesitant in doing this due to past problems with trainers, but I’ve got a good recommendation from a friend. I have specific goals, like gaining upper body strength so I can do a full-minute plank pose and 10 pushups and pullups, that require some real professional help.

finish my 43 things (read all 2 entries…)
Don't ever want to finish my 43 things!

I’ve decided that this is not an appropriate goal for me. I want to always feel that I am working towards something, but at the same time knowing that there is room for improvement, so the cycle continues. As long as I can I will add to my 43 things as I complete goals.

work to live, not live to work
Life-work balanced

I think I can mark this goal as an accomplishment. For a while, I’ve been working for a company that appreciates the fact that work is not the be-all and end-all of life, that people should have sufficient time everyday to be with family and friends. I’m disappointed that in the recent past I’ve worked for companies that did not believe in that with regards to their non-executive employees.

cheer more people (read all 2 entries…)
All out of cheers

I went a little crazy these past couple of days and am now all out of cheers. But it was so fun and I was just getting on a roll too! So many people have got some fantastic plans and it’s inspiring to read about it and satisfying to give a shout out to them about it.

Cheers All!

Invent a radical lifehack
It's the mad scientist in me...

or the need to help bump up my todo list to 43 things, but I think this is a very worthy goal. I’m always concerned about the environment, each person’s footprint on this plant and not to forget to mention in each other’s life, and the rising cost of just merely surviving.

It would be awesome to come up with some idea that everyone could take advantage of to improve your life and the environment. It would be simple, easy to do, low-impacting on the world and society in a positive way and turn out probably to be a no-brainer. So simple, but crazy that it just might work.

As Jimmy Neutron would say: “Come on brain! Think! Think!”

wake up without an alarm clock
If you're light-sensitive...

Leave your curtains open a smidge - enough to let in the morning light.

Another tip: Look at your clock and see the current time, then tell yourself what time you want to wake up, picture the clock showing that time, go to bed. I don’t know why it works, but it does—at least for me. This technique is usually useful during those dark times of the year when I can’t rely on the dawn’s early light to get my butt outta bed.

Go on a blind date
Blind date, why not?

Just about every friend of mine has done it. (And no I wouldn’t jump off a cliff if they did) Sure they all ran into some duds, but you get that no matter what you do anyway. Yeah? I’ve struck up conversations with people and pretty much have no problem coming up with things to say (unless there’s talk about cars or a sports team I don’t follow). So why not try it - but on a blind date?

Now I’ve just got to figure out which of my friends I trust setting me up…

knit a sweater
I'm starting my first knitted top project

This is similar to a goal already on my list, but this one seems more specific to what I am currently working on. It’s a flutter-sleeved top from a spring 2003 Easy knitting magazine. I’m about a quarter of the way there.

I’m so ready to move beyond scarves; there are too many cute summer knit patterns that are calling my name.

Visit my 43things at least once a week (read all 2 entries…)
It's all good

This goal should be easier to do now that my password has been fixed and I can login. Couldn’t robot co-op make that a little easier?

finish my 43 things (read all 2 entries…)
Is it possible?

Can anyone ever finish their 43things? Well it’ll be fun trying…

Participate in an art show (read all 4 entries…)
Does this count?

I’ve participated in art school student exhibitions and I thought maybe I can check this off, but no. I want to participate in a non-school-related art show. A proper one where I can potentially make a coupl’a dollahs, more for the sake of feeling like a professional and all that jazz!

Create my own personal theme song
Can't get that song outta my head

I’ve got some made-up tune running through my brain. Same tune. Too bad I’m musically-challenged, I’d put it down on paper and would have my very own personal theme music. Maybe I’ll record myself humming it and send it to one of my musically-savvy relatives to score it for me. Hmmm… that’s a thought.

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