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How to learn spanish fluently
It took me
7 months
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feel alive!

How to go skydiving
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2 months
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get a motorcycle
Kawasaki Ninja 650cc

Woooo Hooo!! Just got approved for credit and bought my Kawasaki Ninja 3 days ago!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE driving it!! Here in So. Cal, the traffic may be bad, but the weather is GREAT and what better way to enjoy it!! Day 1 I was a bit nervous on the streets, but today I felt much more confident and comfortable. I just love riding my bike!!!

get paid to do what i love
What could be more important!?

How about just not working?

When was the last time you were unemployed? #1: it sucks not having money, and #2: isn’t it boring as hell?!!

Forget un-employment, forget employment.. How about never “working” again. Intend to get paid to do what you love.

I really believe the secret living a truly fulfilling life is to do every day what we feel passionate about. What lifts us up and makes us feel whole, inspired, energized. No doubt there is a way to transform your passions into something that generates income—NO MATTER WHAT YOUR PASSIONS MAY BE..

Take control of your destiny and take part in the abundance and diversity of this amazing universe.. ¡¡That’s what I am doing!!

Visit India
A Magical Land of Contrasts

Forget everything you’ve been told. India is a place you must experience for yourself before you can even begin to understand its amazing complexity. Socially, economically, culturally – India’s diversity is perplexing, overwhelming, and moving.


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