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exercise on a more regular basis
at the starting line...again

Well I am at the starting line again and am hoping that this time is the last…I would like to get on a schedule or in a better routine…When I did exercise I loved it – i really did feel better but have laxed so now with a new year…maybe a refreshed outlook is what i need????? maybe…..

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books books books

I love reading but rarely have the time for it…so this year I am attempting to make it a conscience effort to read and enjoy books more…

continue to eat healthy

i have an ‘unhealthy’ outlook about food…I love it sooo much. I love various flavors and love to try anything new – - and if I happen to truly enjoy a certain flavor I can go into overload eating it…so last year i beagn to eat better and that helped get my wieght problem in check…but since the holidays I dropped off the ‘good’ wagon…so now I must climb back on….Lets see how this year goes and if I can avoid holiday pitfalls…

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