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Take Hawaiian Hula lessons

I fell in love with Hawaii. The culture is so beautiful, the dancing is so inspiring.

Developing and practicing a restful, and consistent sleep pattern.

Every night, I essentially procrastinate to sleep. Whether it’s watching a t.v. show I don’t really care for, or senselessly wikipedia-ing, I distract myself, even though I may be thinking I am just unwinding. I think I am just buying some time, some personal mindless time, because I devote a good amount of it to work.
In the morning, I wake up several times. My hand has been trained to hit the snooze button the second my alarm sounds off in my dreams.
On my days off, I’m so worn, I sleep in. Later on, I’ll take an extended nap. It’s great to have days like these, except it happens too often.
I am giving myself a bedtime. My alarm will be a song I like that can gently introduce me to the day. This way, I’ll look forward to waking up. I will also tell myself at night at least one thing to look forward to the next day, so a restful sleep will hold more value.


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