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  1. 1. live forever
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  2. 2. become a ninja
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  3. 3. a telekinetic god
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  4. 4. Master Telekinesis
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  5. 5. learn telepathy
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  6. 6. Learn Ninjitsu
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  7. 7. learn QiGong
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  8. 8. be a parapsychologist
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learn telekinesis (read all 14 entries…)

just thought id pop in its been i think a year since ive posted anything. i was thinking aobut starting to do it again

learn telekinesis (read all 14 entries…)

i know what your trying to say but most of your theories lack evidence or something that backs them up. its not really the reason im telling you to stop its just that there wrong and the oones you do have right can be found on uyta.com read some of the books there and then respond to this.

learn telekinesis (read all 14 entries…)
sick of theories

im sick of a couple people on this forum talking about them. none of it matters when you get down to performing it this is because thought impedes telekinetic ability so thinking about why it is or how can it be possible will give you a negative result. telekinesis is a ability that is accessed my inducing lower brain waves so you can see why its better not to think about these things. this forums name is titled learn telekinesis and if your not giving any tips or personal experiences in how to do so i recommend you don’t post at all

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