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  1. 1. lose 100lbs
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  2. 2. Be more efficient when working
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  3. 3. start an ebay business
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  4. 4. get rid of all my clutter
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  5. 5. simplify my life
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  6. 6. drink more water
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  7. 7. enjoy life
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  8. 8. Think less and do more
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  9. 9. be nicer
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  10. 10. spend less money
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  11. 11. live by a budget
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  12. 12. Fall deeper in love
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  13. 13. train my dog well
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lose 100lbs
Starting Today

Today I will get up and drink my 8 glasses of water with lemon. I am trying to do the Master Cleanse. I really need to lose this weight once and for all. I have been on a diet for 10 years and have only gained weight. Ten years ago I needed to lose 25 lbs, and now I need to lose 100lbs. I have a good life, children, job, secure relationship, own home and car. I really need to save my life right now and stop eatting myself to death. I also plan to work out daily on the tread mill and boflex and with wieghts. If you have any advice please share I need to be healthly and live to enjoy my children. Right now I cannot ride a bike or walk long distances. I have taken the puppy and children to the paw playground and walked on the beach but not more than 30 minutes. Usually 10-15minutes and I am out of breath and sweating. I cannot believe that I let myself go!!


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