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  1. 1. document my life better
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  2. 2. write my autobiography
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  3. 3. Read Modern Library's 100 Best Novels of the 20th Century
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  4. 4. drink more water
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  5. 5. grow vegetables
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  6. 6. swim with whales
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  7. 7. design clothes
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  8. 8. learn to make clothes
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  9. 9. Learn fluent French
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  10. 10. Learn to identify plants, flowers, and trees
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  11. 11. Buy original art
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  12. 12. learn how to make mosaics
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  13. 13. earn my own money
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  14. 14. talk to strangers
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  15. 15. be more adventurous
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  16. 16. Live Green
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  17. 17. lay in the grass and stare at the clouds
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  18. 18. get my driver's license
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  19. 19. have more parties
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  20. 20. not eat junk food for a week
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  21. 21. go to Africa
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  22. 22. only eat when I'm hungry
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  23. 23. never lose my sense of wonder; always appreciate the little things
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  24. 24. narrow my wardrobe down to things i like to wear
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  25. 25. write a book and have it published
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  26. 26. do a real chin-up
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  27. 27. live by the ocean
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  28. 28. read all the books I own
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  29. 29. join a book club
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  30. 30. give my parents as much as they have given me
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  31. 31. make a book of my favorite quotes
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  32. 32. run 5 miles
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  33. 33. learn to teach yoga
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learn to teach yoga
always a student

i’ve been practicing for 10 years now. i take such pleasure in linking postures into a practice. i would like to turn others onto this discipline. hatha flow is my preferred style though i often practice iyengar and ashtanga. anyone have a good ashram to recommend? somewhere near france?

Get a tattoo I wouldn't regret
star belly

i like to think of myself as a star bellied sneach, a character from a dr seuss book. in high school i had an older boyfriend with arms covered in tattoos. he offered me one for my birthday and without putting much, if any thought into it, i found myself suppine in the tattoo parlour getting a sun etched around my belly button. it was painful. she’d only completed the outline when i croaked, ” are you almost finished?” ready to faint. “yes, almost done,” she answered, then proceeded to fill it in for nearly an hour. when my mom saw it she cried. my dad said it was ugly. all my friends thought it was fake and tried to rub it off. i like that it is discreet. people only see it when i’m in my bikini. i love it still today, ten years later. once i had a dream that i woke up and it wasn’t there anymore. i though to myself, well, i guess i’ll have to go get it tattooed on again. now my mom says, “i think it’s cute.” people ask, ” what will happen when you have a baby?” i’m convinced it will stretch out to resemble an octopus but i’ll worry about that day when it comes.

be more adventurous

i do explore the city on my own: architecture, shops, parks, museums… there is an element of adventure to these wanderings but i want more. safaris in africa, ashrams in india, mountain tops in asia, ruins in south america, whale migrations in the pacific. there are so many worlds that i’ve yet to become acquainted with. until then i’ll just daydream.

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