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Have people learn to love Louisiana the way I do
Let me explain

I saw an independent film recently that really made me mad. It got my hopes up because it started out talking about being a celebration of my home and my culture. Then it turned out to be the steriotypical put down of all the great things I know about my home. So, my goal is to teach outsiders what it is REALY like to live in Southwest Louisiana.

build a new home (read all 2 entries…)
Step one - part 2

We met with the drafter and now have a preliminary plan. Now we get to make notes and comments about changes to that and go back for amendments before the final plans are drawn.

build a new home (read all 2 entries…)
Step one

Well, funding is in process for at least part of the construction and we have an appointment with a drafter to draw up the plans for the house.


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