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know where is suri? (read all 2 entries…)
I decided I don't really care

I decided I don’t really care. Tom Cruise is weird and thats all there is to it .

know where is suri? (read all 2 entries…)
it so doesn't matter...

I am totally NOT a celibrity news junkie -But this is driving me crazy!!!!! Where is the baby??? Why hasn’t anyone seen it? If there is something wrong with it then they don’t need to be ashamed! I have 2 very young children and I couldn’t wait to show them to the world. This is just too weird! Why do i EVEN CARE? I am not sure but I guess I feel a little worried about the baby

Run a mile without stopping
Think I might have done this one...

On vacation I ran 2 miles but not with out a few walk breaks. My neighbor and i have been doing 0.90 of a mile evry day with no walk breaks. Today we added in some extra and ran the cul-de-sacs too, so I think that put me over a mile. I will check it in the car on the way home today. I felt great after we finished. We went and did kick boxing right after. -smile

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