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  1. 1. Love Wastefully
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  2. 2. Finish my novel
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    949 people
  3. 3. Lose the weight
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  4. 4. Finish junior college
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  5. 5. Pay off my debts
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  6. 6. Become fluent in Spanish
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  7. 7. Become fluent in French
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  8. 8. Become fluent in German
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  9. 9. Get out of my dead-end job
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  10. 10. Move to Indiana
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  11. 11. Travel the world
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  12. 12. Learn to play piano
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  13. 13. Memorialize my grandmother with a special tattoo
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  14. 14. Learn to play guitar
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  15. 15. Take time to read again
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  16. 16. Send a postcard to Postsecret
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  17. 17. Go on a hot air balloon ride
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  18. 18. Train my dog
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  19. 19. Learn archery
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  20. 20. Record my songs
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  21. 21. Find a collaborator
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  22. 22. Write a script in April
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finish my novel
Definition and Reasons

I’ve been working with a particular character-not always the same story, just the same girl- for the past 8.5 years. I really believe that she has a story worth telling. After 8.5 years, I think it’s time to let her have her say.

love wastefully
Definition and Reasons

Loving wastefully is an idea about creating more love in the world by giving more of it myself. The idea is rooted in my progressive Christian ideals. In fact, the idea is a phrase coined by Dr. John Shelby Spong, a controversial Episcopal bishop who really loves people. While it starts with me loving my family and friends, it’s more about me and the guy on the street corner, and children in hospitals and the lonely in nursing homes.
Dr. Spong likened it to turning on a faucet in the basement. You turn the faucet on and water flows-if you allow it free reign- everywhere. The pipes in the corner, the rug on the floor, the dirt on the walls, everything gets drenched. The water doesn’t notice the dirt, the stains, the general use and wear. The water just flows. That’s the way love should be, he says. Love shouldn’t worry about whether or not it will be returned, or whether or not the object of Love is worthy. Love should just flow.


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