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Ginger Spice.

Back in black ♥

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Make a movie

I already did this. It’s more like a short short about me teaching others how to “wear lipstick like a bitch”, haha. Gotta love boredom & phone cams.

wear fake eyelashes

I started wearing them last year and now it’s turned into a necessity. I have short natural lashes and the phony ones make my eyes stand out more.

Have fun

Life should be fun. So, what are you waiting for? Go ride in a shopping cart or something ;)

organize my iTunes (read all 5 entries…)

Finally! This took forever to do.
But atleast it’s organized now.

wear makeup
“I love the confidence that makeup gives me.” - Tyra Banks

I always wear makeup anymore. I don’t know how it started exactly, but I’m addicted now. Some people say I look really hot with it. Others (very few), say I should go more natural. But right now, I feel sexy with it on, so it ain’t going nowhere :]

Grow Scene Hair
Unintentionally a part of me.

Last year, my hair was exactly to my shoulders. I got hair extensions so then my hair looked like i had choppy layers, shorter on top and then longer at the bottom. I dyed my hair dark brown/black because that was my natural color. My hair has always been kinda pouffy too, so my natural hair puffed up [like the girl in the pic above] and the extensions part was straight as a pin. It was when I found pictures of “scene kids” on myspace I realize I unintentionally had scene hair. Not a bad thing of course, but I wasn’t even going for the look, haha.

make cartoons

My mom and I made cartoons mocking my dad and my loser boyfriend, haha. I’m not going into this one but it was really fun :)

have sex in the backseat of a car!
Backseat bangers 2!

This wasn’t fun for me at all. I did it in January of this year. I had just gotten out of a relationship with a guy I was extremely attached to. I was on a “date”, I guess, with this new guy I met…will call him Josh. Anyway, somehow the topic of sex came up and he asked me if I had ever done anything in a car before. I replied “No.” and he asked if I wanted to try it. Still being upset over my ex and thinking fooling around with someone else would ease him off my mind, I decided to give backseat head to this guy. Oddly enough after I was done I got a call from my ex who wanted to get together that evening (we were suppose to be ‘friends’). I felt so bad afterward. It didn’t help me get over anything. It made me realize that I wanted all this to take place with my ex boyfriend, not this rebound dude. If you’re going to do this, make it a happy experience and do it with somebody you know you really care for. This seems like it could be a fun time.

kiss a girl

First off, I’m straight BUT I always thought it would be interesting to compare and contrast the differences between male and female kissing techniques. And since I already made out with a number of guys, I’m ready to see how much better the gals do ;)

organize my iTunes (read all 5 entries…)
Progress Is Nice....

So I’m on “s” now…Snoop Dogg mutherfucka :)

change my look
Just don't change me.

After I graduated High School last year I decided to change EVERYTHING about my look. I got hair extensions, straighten out my frizzy hair, dyed my hair back to it’s natural color, wore makeup, and sorta played up my style. I’ve had both positive and negative reaction with it all, but I like it. Oddly, some people who I have gone to high school with (guys mostly, go fig) who have never talked to me before, actually wanted to get together and catch up. Ahh…no thanks ;)

Meet a cute indie/emo guy
He didn''t jump around at shows.

I went through a phase in which all I wanted was a hot emo/indie/scene/hardcore guy. Then I realized, all I really wanted was a good guy. I didn’t care what he labeled himself as, just as long as he was himself.

sneak out of the house
So I Creep..

I did this so many times last summer. My boyfriend would meet me outside and we would go for walks at 1 a.m. I did get caught a couple times, but I honestly didn’t care. It was worth every swear word that came out of my aunts mouth :)

Buy a chanel Bag
1 Bag, 2 Bag, Black Bag...

Okay, Chanel bags are gorgeous! Plus they are very durable as well. However, every girl in my city has been carrying one lately. I mean it would be fine, but most of them have the fake China town bought plastic ones that look awful. You can get a good high-quality replica (or if you’re lucky enough the real deal) that looks 110% better.

write a song
La La.

I used to write all the time back in 10th grade. I wrote them for and about a boy (big surprise!) whom I thought I was in love with and going to marry…haha. Yeah Right. They were corny and the fact I can’t sing didn’t help either. But it was still fun at the time.

organize my iTunes (read all 5 entries…)
I should be getting some dolla bills, yall.

..cause this is alot of work :-\
I’m on “F” now.

buy a corset

I bought one for the sole purpose to look…seductive? It would look alot hotter if I filled out the top half more.

Kiss in the rain

I did it for the first time last summer with this guy I meant at my friends graduation party. We were talking outside and it started to rain. Then I don’t know how it happened exactly, but we ended up kissing right there in the thunderstorm. It was amazing <3 Too bad he turned out to be a prick :-\ But that will always be a happy memory to me.

Watch all episodes of "The Simpsons" ever made.
Dental Plan!

I’ve been watching the simpsons ever since I could crawl. Honestly, the best television show period. Nothing will ever replace it.

visit NYC

I went in 2004 on a class trip, 7 days before Christmas. It was awesome…and packed. We only had 8 hours to explore the place, which makes me want to go back again because I know I didn’t see half of the sites.

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