is procrastinating

I'm doing 43 things

Becky's Life List

  1. 1. Finish my will and trust
    0 people
  2. 2. Practice acceptance
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    7 people
  3. 3. pray every day
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    432 people
  4. 4. stop procrastinating
    30,420 people
  5. 5. support women artists, woman-run businesses, and positive endeavors by other women generally
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    5 people
  6. 6. clean my room
    2,794 people
  7. 7. Make new friends
    13,765 people
  8. 8. inspire people
    343 people
  9. 9. free myself from my ex-husbands games
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    1 person
  10. 10. think before i speak
    604 people
  11. 11. Read more
    9,073 people
  12. 12. be a size 10
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    117 people
  13. 13. Be not only a Mother, but a good Mother
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    14 people
  14. 14. Create a beautiful uplifting morning routine
    102 people
  15. 15. stop talking so much
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    49 people
  16. 16. have faith
    258 people
  17. 17. always be learning
    7 people
  18. 18. grow a garden
    931 people
  19. 19. Stay motivated and follow through on my commitments
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    17 people
  20. 20. learn to use my personal time wisely
    1 person
  21. 21. forgive myself
    738 people
  22. 22. Be granted the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and to have the wisdom to know the difference...
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    496 people
  23. 23. Let go of the past
    1,985 people
  24. 24. forgive those who have hurt me
    281 people
  25. 25. Make choices that are good for me and are in accordance to my values
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    2 people
  26. 26. learn to focus on who and what I am instead of on who and what I'm not
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    3 people
  27. 27. To live instead of exist
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    11,497 people
  28. 28. Allow myself to only be treated well by the people I choose to have friendships and relationships with. If they do not, I need to find the courage to move on without them.
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    268 people
  29. 29. change my life
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    485 people
  30. 30. sort my life out
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    99 people
  31. 31. Join a church that moves me
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    11 people
  32. 32. Express love and gratitude daily
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    12 people
  33. 33. Do things because they are right, not because they are easy
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    12 people
  34. 34. make a difference
    7,144 people
  35. 35. make a difference in someone's life
    1,281 people
  36. 36. be a better listener
    792 people
  37. 37. have a better memory
    107 people
  38. 38. live righteously
    7 people
  39. 39. declutter my house
    993 people
  40. 40. stop being afraid of change
    13 people
  41. 41. choose a career path that makes an impact on society or that allows me to motivate and inspire people
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    3 people
  42. 42. visit Finland
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    164 people
  43. 43. find my passion, and follow it passionately
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    122 people
Recent entries
know when to walk away
Walked away today

Fly away little bird
Any place in this open mouthed world
Begs to be fed like a bed that beckons you, but you won’t rest
Everyone’s got a need to go
Most of us stick with our row to hoe
But not you, you’re the black crow
With a straight line, and no time
For the birds of prey who wreck your nest
Twice your size steal your best
They set you on this course of your collision

I am a stop along your way
I am the words you’ll never say
I crossed the great beyond of fear
I opened my eyes and saw us there, what a view
You went there too

Fly away little bird
Find the song in you that no one’s heard
Strenghthen your wings as you sing your solo flight
Through this short life
Everyone’s got a deep regret
We try to ground ourselves to forget
But your race to the end is neck and neck
You love them, you love them not
The birds of prey who wreck your nest,
Twice your size steal your best
They set you on this course of your collision

I am a stop along your way
I am the words you’ll never say
I crossed the great beyond of fear
Opened my eyes and saw us there, what a view
And you went there too

But all along your chosen path are
Window panes and sheets of glass
That you won’t see
You fly too fast
One day it will be over

Fly away little bird
The saddest song I ever heard
Was the one I wrote you in my heart
That never made it to the world
—Emily Saliers

trust him
I couldn't

I divorced him today.


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