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learn arabic (read all 2 entries…)

::groan:: Maybe my godbrother is right…

Work on GRE math! My god my god... (read all 2 entries…)

I took a GRE practice test today, one that came with my GRE book, and jesuschrist teh carnage! My verbal was okayish and I know that on a different day or with a bit of brushing up, it’ll be better… but my math rang in at 240! I think that’s only 40 points more than they give you for starting the test at all. I’m pretty sure I can get my verbal past 7, but that means that I still need my math around 5 to be competitive. I am not sure that I see that happening. Maybe I should look into marrying well… or into programs that don’t require/recommend a GRE score.

In any case, I’m going to work on the math. Maybe a miracle will come around…

attend Yarn School 2008

Maybe next year. I decided to do a Rocky Mountain School of Photography workshop instead.

learn arabic (read all 2 entries…)

lol, I’m both excited and frantic about this one. I want to learn Arabic to at least a 200-level before I apply for the Peace Corps (I think I have time, since a uni near my home does a summer intensive that I will take), because I hope it increases my chances of being placed in Morrocco or Jordan. So, I only have about a year or so, AND my Egyptian godbrother, who speaks Arabic natively, naysayed my plan saying, “Why don’t you learn another language that has your alphabet and volunteer there? This is too hard; it is going to ruin your summer.” So…we’ll see… I wonder if that was his way of trying to weasle out of tutoring me. ::grin::

Purge my room and keep it as minimalistic as possible

I’ve been picking at this one for a couple months, and it’s among the things to be lost in the crush of last quarter. Funny enough, this is a much easier quarter (wasn’t expecting 2 policy classes to be “easy”), so I’ve picked this back up.

And I’m doing a real, deep cleaning now – like, I have four bags of shredded school papers, old bills, stuff I was saving “just in case”, stuff I forgot I still had, stacked in my hallways – and it’s all just paper! That’s insane. And, I’m not even done. God, did I think I was goign to have to/be able to prove by the “paid x-date” scribbled on my cellular bill from 2005 that I had paid it? Why did I have that filed? That account is closed!

But anyway, I’ve made a good second-wind second start, and I’ve got a lot of momentum. It’s day 3 of my super cleaning, and I see the end…

Join the Peace Corps

I’ve wanted to join the Peace Corps ever since I was a little kid. Now, I’m nearly done with my degree, and I’m thinking seriously about applying. I’ve spent the last 4 years working full time (and slowing down my degree considerably!), and so I haven’t been able to do the stuff I would have liked if I was a full time student – ie spent free time volunteering, and building a nice application. So, I don’t know… my degree isn’t going to help me much, but once I graduate I plan on taking some ESL certification classes through NU which are offered at their campus near my office. And tomorrow I’m going to a Peace Corps recruiting meeting, where hopefully I can find out what else I can do to increase my chances of acceptence – ie where/with whom I can volunteer over the next year or so to give me relevant experience. I wish I’d been volunteering and such all along, but it’s taken me so long to finish this degree that my gradutaion just sneaked up on me.

Practice facial yoga (read all 3 entries…)

lol. So… I bought YogaFace, and downloaded some video… and this is one of the goofiest things I’ve ever done – wholly entertaining. As for whether or not it helps…well, I realized the other day that what I thought was a huge wrinkle is just my face being way fat. So, I’m going to lose some weight and see if that helps. ::grin:: But can I see a difference? No. Not at all.

Oh, and I am having trouble finding unbiased sources that say “Yeah, this actually does work – you aren’t just making idiotic faces for nothing!” lol. so it goes.

Get in touch with old friends - and keep in touch (read all 7 entries…)

Phew. After several school-obligation-imposed weeks away from email, I’ve emailed and set up lunch dates with some old-and-new friends. Yay. And texted my old best friend from tenth grade – what did I do before cell phones? Ten years ago, in the tenth grade, I didn’t have one, and I can’t quite remember how I ever kept in touch with anyone… must have been telepathy… anyway: yay.

Get at least a B in Chemistry

oooo…. too bad… certainly not for want of trying, though I think I might have made it to a B if I’d not taken that ill-timed yet utterly necessary just before midterms. maybe in Chem 2…

learn to write with my left hand

I crunched my right hand a couple years ago in a car accident. Though it’s still functional, it’s also very painful – especially after use – so I’ve started doing most things with my left hand. That’s not to say that I’m “becoming left-handed”, which involves some very different motions than my right-hand-on-the-other-side movements…

Anyway, I can even write pretty legibly with my left hand – after ~4 years of practice! – though I still default to my right unless it hurts too much. Also, I’ve discovered that I draw and paint much better with my left hand, so I’ve (mostly) switched on that front…

remove the extraneous "like" from my speech...

Oh, I must try this! It’s shameful – I’m 25, and I still speak like a middle-schooler to the point that no one in my conversational world says anything, they’re all like...
Grr. ::determined::

Ace "selfishness" class (read all 3 entries…)

Okay, I’m going to say that I did ace this, because there’s really no way to tell.

This was the strangest thing I’ve done in a long time. lol. I’m an unusual-project magnet, it sometimes seems…

lose 20 lbs (read all 6 entries…)

Breakfast: Strawberry yogurt mixed into a cup of Kashi GoLean Crunch: 510; Water with an AirBorne packet: 5

Breakfast total: 515

Lunch: Egg Salad Sandwich from Starbucks: 570

Lunch total: 570

Okay, this is where I blew my diet today! ::grin:: I met a friend for drinks and had 2 key lime martinis… and some coconut shimp… and a slice of pizza… and some french fries… and then a donut for a late night snack once home.


Daily total: Don’t even want to think about it!

Try to get better sleep (read all 5 entries…)

I’ve tried everything short of prescription sleeping pills.

Which might not be the terrible idea I thought they were, me and my silly fewest-possible-chemicals kick.

Sleeeeep…. SLEEEEEEEP! eck.

A few more weeks of this and I’ll end up starting a soap company and fight club without my own full knowledge and consent.

All I want to do is break 4 continuous hours, my current record.

Ace Salmon Class
Oh Yeah! In the bag!

Hooray for take home, early submit finals.

lose 20 lbs (read all 6 entries…)

Breakfast: Whole-fruit all-juice smoothie: 220; Luna Bar: 180; Banana: 105; Marshmallow Egg: 33.

Breakfast total: 538

Lunch: Diet Coke: 0; “Organic” Chicken Salad Sandwich (nutritional info provided by deli label): 270

Lunch total: 270

Dinner and later snack: Egg on Arnold’s Whole Wheat toast with 2 long dill slices and a slice of American Cheese: 330; 2 T of guacamole and 13 tortilla chips: 190; 2 frozen cheesecake mini snack thingies: 40; 12 white chocolate covered almonds: 240

Dinner total: 800

Day’s total: 1608.

Damn. Missed my upper limit by 8 calories… here, I’ll stand up and sit back down a few times ::does so:: Okay. Now it’s almost like it’s just 1600…

Still, not bad for my first day dieting! :D

lose 20 lbs (read all 6 entries…)

...I’ve been a slug – usually an avid walker, the cold has driven me inside where I pursue low-intensity activites. And I have been eating a whole foods diet – just A LOT of a whole foods diet – and I have been travelling a lot lately, so the diet is a bit…madcap. I do eat 7 servings of produce a day, 2-3 of whole grain, etc etc… but then add whatever the local food is. When I am at home, that isn’t an issue, nor was it in Spain, but in England where everything seemed to be fried? Or Milwaukee where everything seemed to be sausage andor cheese andor beer?

And I’ve started drinking socially for pleasure again, after being mostly drink-free for more than a year. That adds the calories.

And I now find myself just about 5 lbs shy of overweight, ~8 lbs too fat for my current favorite realistic jeans (I’m ~30 lbs too fat for my ultimate favorite dreamworld jeans, which I really should give away…sigh…), ~3 lbs shy of too fat for my fat jeans, etc.

Really, if I lost 12 lbs, I’d be happy. 20 lbs would mean that I was actually really fit again, and will take time.

Step 1: Cut down to 1600 cal. max – aim for 1200 (which is the minimum recommended calories for a healthy woman) and leave some wiggle room for a beer out with friends or some such.

Step 2: Actually exercize. This one is pathetic – I have a gym membership that I do not use (luckily it is cheap, and subsidized by my family because we’re supposedly getting fit together in 08. Right…) Also, I last year I ebayed the entire The Firm workout series (to the surprise of my then-best friend who was startled by the tapes – wait, you actually… you don’t actually exercize to these? I thought you were kidding when you said you bought them!), and other sundry things that I buy with best intentions but which end up gathering dust and guilt in a corner near my TV. Once it warms up, I’m sure I’ll walk more – I love to walk more than almost anything else – but I can’t wait for that to exercize.

Step 3: Don’t give up.

Find a job with better benefits

For now, I give up.

I really love my job, despite its crummy benefits. The work itself is dull and thankless, but the people are wonderful and at the moment – with me in super-humanly good health – that’s worth much more than a lower healthcare deductible or any semblence of an rx drug plan, and they are free and easy with vacation days which is probably even better than having a set vacation policy…

A little anarchy never hurt… well, it’s never hurt me, anyway.

My dad has been pushing me to find something “better”, but then he tried to see about “better” at his company, where the average salary for someone my age comes in ~6k less a year than my current one… so, we’ve both decided that there’s no harm in scrapping that plan.

For now.

Do at least 1 crossword/week

lol, this past week i decided I’d get back to this one and wussed with the Monday and Tuesday NYT crosswords. Wednesday, I pretended the newsstand didn’t exist. lol, maybe this coming week I’ll do Wednesday – by which I mean attempt Wednesday. It’s been a while, and I am out of practice.

Write again, at least weekly, for pleasure (read all 3 entries…)

This morning I woke up and just wrote for two hours without paying attention to …anything. It’s been years since that happened, literally years. It wasn’t even deliberate, so I don’t know how I can make it a habit ::laughing:: but it was wonderful, and a good start. lol, if it was even a start. We’ll see. Felt great.

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