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have lunch with a friend this week
The things you learn

Had lunch with Brad Webb from VSocial. Great lunch and great conversation, everytime I hang out with him I get a better understanding of business as well as how I should be looking at things.

Thanks Brad.

take the family camping
Best Weekend

Just back from a long weekend in San Diego, camping with the family. Tired, sun burnt, kids are cranky, the van is a wreck, sand is everywhere and yet, it was one of the best weekend getaways we have had in a while.

Recommendations if you decide to go camping near the beach:

- Take as little as possible. Trying to park near the beach is impossible and hauling all of your stuff back to the car after a full day there is no fun.
- Do not have a schedule
- Get to the beach early and leave around 12 or 1, otherwise it turns into MTV Spring Break. Which is cool if its just you and the wife but not with two kids.
- Learn to enjoy sand, it ends up everywhere.
- Don’t even think about cooking after a day at the beach. It takes to long and the kids are to tired.
- If you have kids, just stop and take a moment to watch them enjoy the beach. Connor and Hannah played in the sand for hours, Hannah loved to go out into the waves while Connor just enjoyed watching from the beach.
- Be prepared to dislike Phoenix (if you live here). The temperature gauge went from 80 degrees to 110.

Refresh Phoenix
Being able to participate

Being apart of a group of people, shareing and learning form others has been great. It changed my business, my understanding of the community and more, I highly recommend stopping by if your in the area.

Thanks for helping get the group started: James Archer, Dan Ritz and James Britt. Special Thanks to Erica Lucci for stepping up to help run and organize it.

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