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  1. 1. Save money
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  2. 2. get in shape
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  3. 3. revamp my wardrobe
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  4. 4. pay off my student loans
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  5. 5. Teach overseas
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  6. 6. learn to ride a bicycle
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  7. 7. sew a dress
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  8. 8. crochet a blanket
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How I did it
How to learn to knit
It took me
7 months
It made me
feel accomplished

How to buy a new computer
It took me
2 months
It made me

How to save $1000 for my emergency fund
It took me
12 months
It made me
financially secure

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Save money (read all 166 entries…)

I can’t believe how fast 2014 is going. It’ll be the end of the year before we know it.

  • Expenses $200
  • Personal $270
  • Savings $94.63

This week I’ve got a lot going on in terms of spending money – ugh. I have to organise my boyfriend’s birthday present, get some new work shoes and some work shirts. The next two weeks are going to be horrendously busy on the work front but then again three jobs will do that to a person. I’ve also got to sort out some uni work and get organised for my student teaching placement next term. Only $289 to go until my savings goal is done! I’m keen to put away as much as possible this year.

Busy busy busy

Save money (read all 166 entries…)

There’s nothing quite like having four casual positions and none of them give you enough hours to make it by. If only I had more study left so I could be eligible for government assistance. Oh well. Fingers crossed I can scale back after my 3 week school placement.

Save money (read all 166 entries…)
March 4

I’m now working 3 jobs so there will be more updates. Although I’m not getting paid a lot at my third job, my plan is to send it all to savings when I can.

  • Expenses $200
  • Personal $214
  • Savings $366.47

I’m finally getting somewhere with my savings. I’m nearly at my $500 to go mark. So ready for this Emergency Fund to just be done.

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