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  1. 1. a career helping people
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  2. 2. learn sign language and Russian
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How I did it
How to meet David Duchovny
It took me
14 years
It made me
Flying high

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Meet Montel Williams
Book signing in Barnes and Noble

I have always loved Montel’s inspirational show and wanted to meet him. My brother visited the Barnes and Noble in my town and saw a sign saying he was coming! I of course had to go, and went right after work (looking like hell but I didn’t care). When he came out, he looked unbelievably young and fit for someone who is going through constant pain and is always on the go. We got to try his health drinks, and get a copy of his book signed. When I got up to the front of the line to get my copy signed, I quickly asked if I could take a picture with him to have as a memory, and he stepped to the side of the table and made my dream come true. Thanks Montel, you are awesome.


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