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How to experiment girl on girl
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Take Cardio Strip Tease classes

How do you go about finding places that offer this kind of dance?
I’m really intersted in this one…lol. If the girl from Bloomington finds a place, you should let me know. I’m in Fort Wayne, and I go to Bloomington all the time.

Eat more fruits and vegetables (read all 2 entries…)

I am so excited!
I’m finally making progress with this goal.

I’ve been a vegetarian for the past four, almost five, years, but I would only really eat carbs and pastas.
Just recently, my boyfriend told me that I really needed to start eating better.
I guess when other people notice that you eat poorly, you may actually eat poorly.
Anways, instead of my normal fast food pick ups that include a milkshake and french fries, I ordered a side salad and a fruit parfait. I was excited and I wasn’t that repulsed. I felt that my boyfriend respects me more, now, he saw that I was taking initiative to eat better and not only am I healthier, but our relationship is healthier. =]

find a new job

PLEASE! I want a new job so bad!
I keep looking and looking, but I cannot find one for the life of me.

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