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People arn’t interesting their strange, their insestuest and I hate them so much why do people have to question waht we thing wat we know just to put us all down I have one reason why I think this but I don’t want to tell they world why do we judge on our appearencees instead of our personality’s we as a humanity are so DAM VAIN!!!!! why do we have to surcum to the political bullshit that the present day has put foward to us

Step back and really look, listen, think about what people are talking about their just talking about themselves can’t anyone just realise that this world is just fakeiing it all that this isn’t really real that we arn’t ment to be feeling when we have surcumed to! I just hate how humanity has to cut down people they create disorders because of it and I hate the fact that people are starting to be the cause of other people’s depression this is just something that I feel so strongly about and i hate it because of its political jargan and bullshit, see the world for what it really is and not some stupid shit….. LIVE THIS FEELING BE THIS FEELING BE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorri i know their is heaps of spelling mistakes


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ha ha I only have just started on this thing a while ago but havn’t really been to the libary yet to try it out… but on monday I went to our national libary and I was studying Vivienne Westwood… Ahhh I love that girl, and yer I just sliped in a quote from one of her books that I was reading in their and I hope someone finds it I think it’ll be cool… maybe I’ll try doing my adress again, or i could do what i head someone do one time put a post card in their with my name and adress and a stamp and place it in a book, that would be so cool!

LOVE YA rose…

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I’m soo tired… I havn’t eaten in 48hours I’ve only slept 2 of those hours and I’m currently at school. I’m going to go to the gym for about an hour after school hoping just get get this fat off me its so grouse I hate all of it I just want to rip it off my body no one notices me, how can they not notice a big fat blob walking around I’m in such a down mood its not funny but one thing to be happy about is that I don’t have enought time to eat, not enought time to do anything.
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