Laura Marie

learn german
What a wonderful phrase

I’ve been to germany, and met so many wonderful people there. But what really inspired me was how double sided the language can be. On one hand it is certainly harsh, fast, and quite intense to listen to. But I remember one night in Freiburg, I was with my couchsurfing host, her roommate pulled out a guitar and began to sing. She sung of how she was going to travel the world leaving her love behind in the bubble that he so chose to stay in. Her voice was so soft that I couldn’t believe that she wasn’t speaking english. That was the moment where all my expectations of german where shattered. This language was much more than just some powerful verbs, this language was beautiful.

learn how to drive stick-shift
A usefull skill

Most people that I know who drive stick shifts say that they would never choose to go back to automatic. Something about “being in more control of the car”. I’ve driven motorcycles, it must be a similar concept.

do something that surprises, inspires, and terrifies me
Soon enough..

The world is a big place, there has to be something.

shave my head

I’d like to shave my head and stand in the rain. I haven’t grown the balls to do it just yet however, and now I’m thinking that winter time might be a bit cold. I’d like to touch my head someday and feel my skin rather than my hair. Someday, someday..



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