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try every soup at my cafeteria

first up, cream of vegetable

eat healthily
the plan

I’m trying to reduce starch (grains), and sugars, while keeping my fat low and get more energy to meet my goal of running a 6min mile. I’m starting with V8 and eggs instead of sugary drinks and bready breakfast/lunches.

sleep in an oversized chest of drawers

( Kramer’s Apartment )
Up against one wall of the apartment stands a very large chest of three drawers. It’s about six feet long and each drawers is maybe a foot and a half deep. Kramer walks over to it and looks into the open top drawer.

KRAMER: Goodnight, Mr Tanaka.

One of the Japanese tourists sits up in the drawer.

MR TANAKA: Goodnight.

Mr Tanaka lies down again, and Kramer slides the drawer shut. He then speaks to the occupant of the next drawer.


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