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write a song

i’ve been playing guitar for a while now, and i really enjoy it. i would love to take it a bit further and hopefully write my own song. it will take a while but, i’m sure it would be worth it.

Take more pictures

i would love to take pictures of my friends, events, personal experiences, and anything else worth taking pictures of. i think it would be a great way to look back in the next couple of years and see what changed.

i requested for a digital camera for christmas but, instead recieved a video camera. it’s fun and it does have a built in camera but, it’s kind of cheap. so, i keep having to use my sister’s camera which dies after a week or so.

maybe i’ll get lucky and find about a thousand dollars and buy myself a nice camera :D but, in reality, i would have to save up for one. oh well, it’ll be worth it.

i’m going to LA with a friend this weekend and hopefully i may find a decent camera that will last me a while. wish me luck!

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i honestly can’t get into a book! the past 2 books that i’ve read (or skimmed through) never really struck my fancy. i probably need some help with choosing books. also, i should really start going back to the library. the school library isn’t the greatest source for good literature at my school.

i would appreciate it if someone would recommend some books :D my reading level is anywhere from 6th-11th grade so, i could really read anything without having trouble.

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