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  1. 1. Kiss in the rain
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  2. 2. make more friends
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  3. 3. finish writing my novel
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  4. 4. lose thirty more pounds
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  5. 5. read finnegan's wake
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  6. 6. finish my degree
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write music
Strawberry Milk

I’ve been in a band now since April, but since joining all I’ve done was learn their songs. Well in the last month I’ve written two songs, and I have another in the works right now. I love it, this is the greatest artistic release ever!!!

finish my degree
but which one

guh, I gotta declare a new major and get back into school. It’s just so much to think about, and I am too busy as it is. Ack

join a band
Well Babies

I really let playing music go out of my life for a long time. But then when my fiance and I broke up I found myself just playing and playing all the time. So I got my bass cleaned up and put myself out there on myspace as an available bassist, and bam. A month later I am playing with some cool people, meeting all sorts of other cool people, and stretching myself musically and creatively. This is by far one of the best things a person can do. Don’t wait, if you don’t know how to play, learn, and practice practice practice.

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