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  1. 1. get a master's degree
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  2. 2. see a total solar eclipse
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  3. 3. Not be so shy
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  4. 4. get my motorcycle license
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  5. 5. figure out what i want to do with my life
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  6. 6. continue to learn ASL
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  7. 7. meditate daily
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  8. 8. publish a book
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  9. 9. practice Japanese every day
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  10. 10. skydive
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  11. 11. backpack through Europe
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Floss Every Day
I prefer Glide brand floss; it doesn't rip and fits between tightly spaced teeth

I started flossing my teeth every day during university I think. I realized these are the only teeth I’ll have for the rest of my life (and I plan to live for quite a while!)

My gums bled each time for a couple weeks perhaps, but they never bleed now. I can floss without looking in a mirror; I know the exact feeling of each spot.

HOWEVER, though I floss every day, my dentist says there’s still some tartar accumulation so it’s not a magic never-see-dentist-again lifestyle, but it sure helps!

See a total solar eclipse
there's one coming up on 22 July 2009

I can get there pretty easily, but wonder if the crowds will annoy me too much to make it fun… hmmmmm

Visit Japan

I can show you around Shibuya (a trendy part of Tokyo) in exchange for lunch…

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