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is looking at what new piercing I should get this summer!

Volunteer in a 3rd world Country for atleast 3 months

This is my last year of highschool!
Grade 12 here I come!

After I graduate though I want to take a Gap year- Kinda.
I want to upgrade and work. BUT for first semister I want to go and volunteer in a developing country. Guatamala sounds good at this point.

I’m looking at signing up with an organization called YWAM.

I’m set on this one happenin even if my mom dissaproves.

be fluent in French (read all 2 entries…)
french 20-9y

well I have my exam on next thursday.
My french teacher told me straight up that she dislikes me because I don’t do anything FOR french. What she meanst is that I don’t do any homework or projects but I do well enough on my tests and exams with out studying I have a 82% in the course ^^

Pass my drivers test (read all 2 entries…)
i would have rather failed!

so.. i missed my driving test.. the lady had a typo on my recipet but in the computer it said it was suppose to be the day before. She wouldn’t let me rebook and the next opening isn’t till august in my town. fml

wear my bikini this summer (read all 3 entries…)

my best friend and I went down to a local area we call the rocks. We deceided that it was not worth going out to halfway. So down there there was these two old ladies with HUGE TITS. like… HUGE! and some guy filming the pelicans for a documentry.

I took off my shirt leaving myself in my bikini top and my short shorts. I was actually fine with it. I didn’t feel self concious or anything- I promise I was perfectly sober this time! :P

It was fine till I was laying on my stomache tanning my back and my friend undid all my ties! I was stranded there. Now putting a bikini on is a little difficult for me.. being a D cup. I laughed and told her to do it back up she said “noooope” and took my cell phone. She started texting this guy I like.

I quickly did up my bikini and ran after her to get it. but ever time I got close she undid my strapes again so I gave up. The whole time the guy and old ladies are laughing at us.

The old ladies packed up and left. Leaving the film guy and us. Chelsea had the great idea of tanning topless.. sadly I followed. We forgot the guy was there until it was time for us to leave. We both sat up and he was sitting right infront of us!
ha… it was awkward we grabbed out tops and got the hell out of there!

wear my bikini this summer (read all 3 entries…)
a test.

my friend ( the one I am going on holidays avec) and some other kids went out to Pelican Rapids, which is a 40min hike from the parking lot. Now I know what you are thinking- That is far! But after the hike it is beautiful! It comes to a part of the river called the Pelican Rapids.

You are able to go out on the rocks for maybe a km into the river. It is nice for sun bathing and swimming! There is a shoot that goes from the big raging river down a shoot( just like a water slide) into a calm area.

Now I wore my bikini under my clothes because I thought I was only going to be my friend and I. I was devestated to see everyone else because then I started getting self concious. But being half drunk still that I was from the previous night’s grad party I just took of my shirt and exposed my white chubby tummy.

Whom I called my friend, cringed at the site of my and apparently bitched about me- thus she isn’t my friend anymore. I told her to suck it and that she wasn’t perfect either.

She was the only one to show any response. One of the guys kept looking at my tits… I felt very exposed because I am larger chested.. and well bikikis show a whole lot.

IT’s still spring so wish me good luck in August! Where the real test of confidence happens with strangers.

be fluent in French (read all 2 entries…)
Parles-Tu en Francais?

I’ve been taking second language French courses since I was in grade 2! So that has been 9 yrs of french! After highschool I want to get a minor in French because I also want to become a nurse and work with Doctor without Borders. They send alot of people to Africa and they even state they’d prefer if you spoke French :)

Pass my drivers test (read all 2 entries…)
Watch out world! Liv coming through!

I’ve had my learners licence for an extra year then needed due to my lazyness of going in and getting an appointment to take my drivers test.
Well ta-da! I went in and made an appointment and my test is tomorrow afternoon! GASP!

I just learned how to parallel park so wish me luck!

Jumping out of plane = suicide? I think NOT

I’m deathnly afraid of heights but I think skydiving would be SOOO much fun!

I plan on doing it with in the next 4 years.

Wish me luck ^^

wear my bikini this summer (read all 3 entries…)
Bought ONE!

My extremely fit friend convinced me into buying a bikini. I’m rather large tested so my thoughts was just to wear it in help of support.. well that’s not what she meant.

We are going to BC, Canada. My plan is to wear it during our summer vaykay there. I am a whole 5’5” and 150lbs. My stomache is what I am most self concious about so wish me luck!

I might get some practice wearing my bikini this weekend when my friends and I go swimming at our local lake.

Wish me luck!

work with Doctors without Borders
It's going to take time.

I’ve always wondered what was I going to do after high school?
I know I want to do something that will help people and I am interested in medicine. So voala! Doctors without Borders tailors to two things I want to be involved with later in life.

I have one last year of high school then I either will ge straight into nursing or get into pre-med.

Wish me luck!



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