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go to bed earlier

before 11, EVERY NIGHT. damn child.
i suppose i can make allowances for myself if i am actually DOING something, like painting or writing or actually working.

Save money

i saved $1,600 this year, from working part-time six months, but that was from a potential maybe $3,000 earnt… ridiculous… i can’t even work out what i spent it on, really. little of consequence to be honest.

anyways, i aim to save about $4000 next year…. hopefully. hooh.

dream lucidly (read all 2 entries…)

apparently, people who do a lot of creative work – artists, architects and so on – have very few technicolour mind blowing dreams, because they see so much colour during the day…. and people in less dynamic jobs tend to have more amazing dreams.

i suppose it is a question of balance

stop fucking swearing

tch. the english language needs more color as it is.

i have started saying “golly” and “christ almighty” in place of FUCK, so that’s all good.

learn Swedish (read all 2 entries…)

tvaa ol, takk.

that’ll do!

learn italian (read all 2 entries…)

vorrei una birra, per favore!

i think that’ll do nicely…

become an architect

i don’t actually know if i DO want to!
i would love to be an architect. but i’m shocking at physics, my maths isn’t great although it could be better if i worked harder – and i’m worried it will limit me.
but i like designing houses. :/

learn how to knit

so I learnt how to knit.

I can cast on, I can do the first two rows.
trouble is I don’t know how to do the third row.

oh life…

dream lucidly (read all 2 entries…)

I had a simply lovely dream the night before last….

read the book of tao

it seemed kind of apathetic really…

write a book

It is only little, but it is cute. I bound & illustrated it myself :]

Pictures soon.

Get top marks on my next Art assignment

so I handed it in today.

ended up being a lot less stressed on this assignment than I normally am, it was smashing

I did a lot of extra work apparently. kept starting new paintings then losing them but I found them all yesterday in misc places, so I finished the good ones; then I cut up the shit ones and made them into a rather smart casual jacket.

my final work was awesome. I made a little children’s storybook. bound it myself. we had story time in art class today :]

so yeah, I don’t know when we’ll get the marks back but mine seemed fairly good.

get a job

but it makes me so tired….

I get my first pay on Monday! :D

open a cafe (read all 3 entries…)
maths geeks, unite!

well, somewhat unrelatedly.
I have been designing a gingerbread house.
we start construction next week, it is in the style of gothic revival.
cooking skills :}

in other news I made some reallyreally good muffins the other night.

learn to play the harp

it is one of the easiest instruments I have played, on a par with piano. It’s like one-handed guitar. definitely fun, and awesome to slip into a conversation…

“Oh yeah I used to play the harp”
“you WHAT?”

open a cafe (read all 3 entries…)
feed me seymour, feed me...

went to the food festival with my partner in crime Fi today which was lovely, aside from all the fat people, who plod, and get in front of stalls and DON’T MOVE.

found a brand of pesto that we think is the best we’ve tried. ran the name Ampersand by her, she wasn’t sure at first – she was keen on Kardelen for a while, which means “snowdrop” in Turkish or something & was the name of a drag queen in Birds Without Wings – but she says it is definitely growing on her & she was quite excited by “Ampersand” in the end, so I think it’s a definite.

searching out recipes at the moment, I’m making lemon curd tonight & tomorrow baking scones for breakfast – Devonshire stylez – doing lemon sauce pudding for dessert. found a great book, julie le clerc, for cafe food.

maybe this all seems kind of premature, but at this stage there is not much I can do towards my cafe other than idle planning & familiarising myself with cooking.

I’m gonna need to go on an accounting course at some point – you can’t leave that to an accountant, you really have to do it yourself.

man, why is it that EVERYTHING italian is so sexy?!

visit New Zealand

I clicked that button by mistake, actually.

But ya I live here.

Aaaaand everyone should visit NZ once in their life, because I don’t think I would wanna live anywhere else.

and fyi yes I have met Peter Jackson.
Richard Taylor and Andy Serkis signed my jeans.

Learn the Napoleon Dynamite dance

Okay, I got moonboots, a badge with Kip’s head on it, that Jamiroquai song, & I’ve worked out how to do that funny hand thing.


make a huge painting

I am buying canvas tomorrow. :>

hope I have enough money though

go to a psychic
I don't know if this counts but...

a little more than a year ago, I found my cellphone had a missed call on it – not unusual cos I leave it in random places & forget where I put it – but anyway, this was about 12 at night.

so I texted them, “hi who is this”... they called me back & turned out it was this chick who may or may not have been called Rachel. so pretty much the conversation went like this:

“is your lkdjspasodjdadsad (static)”
“is your guitarlkdjlkhsdsakj”
“who is this?”
“I’m a psdskjhfdsljfaslfskjdhf…(static)...psychic. is your GUITAR OKAY?”

so off I toddled to check my guitar was still in its case and still fine, which of course it was.

“yes, my guitar is fine.”
“okay well….(psasopshphisad)’s gonna break.”
“But you’ll get another one. A better one. And you’ll get in a band with five people.”

yes, um, k.
little 15-year-old me was rather disconcerted by all this, considering I was home alone in the middle of the night and my phone number had apparently “popped up inside her head”.

so far I am still not in a band, and Lucile my guitar is fine apart from a rattly bridge, which is understandable since she is 50 years old.

maybe I should find a reputable psychic (if there is such a thing) & see what they say.

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