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  1. 1. Meditate in a Buddhist temple in Asia
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  2. 2. Pass College Algebra
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  3. 3. become a taekwondo master
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  4. 4. earn my black belt
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  5. 5. Write and record an album
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  6. 6. get in a fight
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get in a fight
I'm not a bully...

...and I haven’t been in a plain old fistfight since fifth grade. For me to “win” this challenge, I would have to beat someone the same size as me. My Walter Mitty fantasy is stopping a bully from picking on a weaker person. Maybe I just want to test myself in a genuine no-rules except personal honor throwdown.

earn my black belt
I have one black belt; I want to earn another.

My base style is taekwondo; I want a black belt in a very different style, maybe grappling (jujutsu).

become a taekwondo master
In 5 years...

...I will earn the rank of Master. I have learned so much in my nine year martial arts odyssey. By becoming a master I will have achieved something extraordinary.

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