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start a homeless shelter.
i want to start a homeless shelter

Hi, I’m Margaret a 48yr old woman with a desire to open my own shelter for the homeless. The reason why I want to do this is Last year I myself was homeless and lived in 3 shelters before I was able to get my own Apartment so I know from experience what it’s like to need a place to lay your head in a warm spot when it’s cold outside.So today I want to give back and help others that may be in need of a warm place in the winter and a cool spot in the summer, where they can get a hot meal, and information, where they can go to get jobs or what ever they need I want to be able to accommodate them as much as possible. IF ANYONE READS THIS AND WANT TO HELP ME TO GET MY DESIRE TO HELP THE HOMELESS TO BECOME REALITY PLEASE E-MAIL ME AT tnmoma@hotmail .com THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS


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